At UQ, performance and development is an ongoing process between a staff member and their academic supervisor that includes:

  • goal-setting
  • regular conversations, and
  • an annual review/appraisal process.

All continuing and fixed-term academic staff employed for more than 1 year (including continuing staff on a 3-year probationary period) are required to have their performance and development assessed through an annual review/appraisal. 

The process supports you in your performance and career progression by:

  • focusing on your career and professional development goals and needs
  • clarifying work priorities and expectations
  • reflecting and assessing your performance and academic contributions through a range of different mechanisms
  • exchanging of feedback
  • recognising your contributions and efforts.

Academic staff performance is assessed against the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy [5.70.17].

Performance development process

The key steps involved in performance and development are:

  • plan and agree goals for year ahead
  • performance and feedback
  • preparation for annual review meeting
  • annual review meeting
  • review and approval.

Watch: Performance development process overview – 6 minutes (staff login required)

Watch: Academic Performance Development session – 42 minutes (staff login required)

For further information on the process, read the Performance Appraisal for Academic Staff Policy and Procedures [5.70.15].

Annual review meeting

The annual review can cover:

Preparing for the annual review meeting

To prepare for the annual review, staff need to:

At the annual review meeting, the staff member and academic supervisor should discuss Forms A and B.

After the meeting

After the meeting, the academic supervisor needs to:

Once approved, it is provided back to the staff member, the academic supervisor and the local HR area to record the outcome.

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Individual Activity Profiles

The Individual Activity Profile (IAP) (staff login required) is a 'one-stop-shop' that provides each academic staff member with a suite of data articulating their academic contribution and output relevant to teaching, research and service/engagement.

From 2020 onwards, it is expected that continuing and fixed-term academic staff will use their IAPs in their academic performance annual reviews where practical. IAPs will not be used for promotion and confirmation processes.

Detailed training videos and FAQs have been developed to help staff members and academic supervisors understand the IAPs and how they can be used in the performance development process.

Using the IAP in appraisals (staff login required)

View your Individual Activity Profile (staff login required)

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Supervisor and manager responsibilities

If you supervise or manage staff, it is:

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Performance recognition

A staff member who has demonstrated a high level of performance during the performance cycle may be recognised through a number of informal and formal mechanisms, including the:

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Staff development

Staff can choose to participate in a range of professional development options to enhance performance and support their future career progression. Staff and their supervisor should discuss these opportunities as part of regular conversations throughout the year.

Development opportunities include:

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