Academic Staff- Annual Performance and Development (ADP) Process

Enhancements to the Annual Performance and Development (APD) process for Academic Staff are underway with full implementation scheduled for 2022. For further information about the expectations for staff and supervisors during the transitionary process in 2021, as well as for information about the new Annual Performance process, please visit Academic Staff - Annual Performance and Development (APD) Process. 


At UQ, performance and development is an ongoing process between a staff member and their academic supervisor that includes:

  • goal-setting
  • regular conversations, and
  • an annual review/appraisal process.

All continuing and fixed-term academic staff employed for more than 1 year (including continuing staff on a 3-year probationary period) are required to have their performance and development assessed through an annual review/appraisal. 

The process supports you in your performance and career progression by:

  • focusing on your career and professional development goals and needs
  • clarifying work priorities and expectations
  • reflecting and assessing your performance and academic contributions through a range of different mechanisms
  • exchanging of feedback
  • recognising your contributions and efforts.

Academic staff performance is assessed against the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy [5.70.17].

Latest news

Enhancements to the Academic Annual Performance & Development Process 

A comprehensive review of the academic appraisal process is underway with an anticipated full implementation of an improved Academic Annual Performance and Development (APD) Process in 2022.  

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