UQ is committed to ensuring a robust career and performance development approach exists for all staff, which provides a foundation for the achievement of excellence and shared performance expectations. Staff hired as continuing or fixed-term employees may undergo a probationary period at the beginning of their employment.

Your specific probationary requirements and time frames will be outlined in your offer letter, with further information also available in The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2021 - 2026

Supervisors of professional and fixed term academic staff subject to a probation period will receive a notification within Workday half-way through the probation period. Should there be any performance concerns, please seek HR support and advice.

Continuing academic staff may be subject to a three-year probation period (further details below).

The probation process is aligned with the Annual Performance and Development (APD) process in seeking to support all staff in their development journey in the pursuit of excellence. Many of the APD Resources available may be helpful to staff and supervisors during the probation period, including guides on giving feedback and goal planning.

Continuing Academic Staff

The academic probation processes are underpinned by the Confirmation and Promotions (Academic Staff) Policy and the Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff) procedure

The probation process assesses whether academic staff have demonstrated that they meet the expectations of academic excellence for the relevant academic level as detailed in the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy

To support this, the process is made up of two sub-processes:

  1. Mid-Term Review: A progress review to confirm you’re on track for confirmation and to provide you with helpful recommendations in the lead up to your Final Review.

  2. Final Review: The culmination of the probation process where your contributions during the probation period are assessed against the criteria.

You’ll receive notification in your Workday inbox for each of these sub-processes, with additional advice to be emailed to you by the relevant HR team in the lead up to your Mid-Term Review and Final Review. For the full application process and requirements, please see the Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff) Procedure.


Probation Timeline

Image of probation timeline

Academic Probation and Annual Performance and Development Processes

Academic staff on probation are still required to complete the Annual Performance and Development (APD) process in line with the relevant timelines and procedures. While the APD process will not form part of your Mid-Term or Final Review submission, it is an opportunity for you and your supervisor to discuss expectations, set goals and for you to receive valuable feedback on your performance.