All academic and professional staff hired as continuing or fixed-term employees undergo a probationary period at the beginning of their employment.

Your specific probationary requirements and time frames will be outlined in your offer letter.

UQ is committed to ensuring a robust career and performance development approach exists for academic staff, which provides a foundation for the achievement of academic excellence.

The principles of the academic probation processes are underpinned by the Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff) Policy, Procedures and Forms [5.41.05].

The process assesses that academic staff have demonstrated they meet the expectations of academic excellence for the relevant academic level and category as detailed in the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy [5.70.17].

Process for continuing appointment probation

For the full application process and requirements, read the Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff) Policy, Procedures and Forms [5.41.05].

The continuing appointment probation process involves a:

  • mid-term review
  • final review
  • interview with the relevant Confirmation and Promotions Committee (CaPC) for Level B–D applicants, or the Professional Confirmation and Promotions Committee for Level E applicants.

You'll be notified of mid-term and final review requirements at least 3 months before the submission closing date.

In exceptional circumstances, a period of probation may be extended by up to 2 years. Read section 7.2 of the Probation and Confirmation of Continuing Appointment (Academic Staff) Procedures [5.41.05] for more information.

If a staff member is absent from work for more than 3 months, they may request that probation be placed in abeyance. The staff member must submit a written request to their supervisor, who will forward it to the Head/Director for approval. The relevant HR Client Services team must be kept informed. When the staff member returns to work, a revised probation end date will be confirmed.

Submitting your application

Submit your application via UQ Jobs by selecting the relevant application link below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Level E probation review applications

Organisational grouping Mid-term review applications Final review applications CAP contact details
All faculties Apply for mid-term review (Level E) Apply for final review (Level E)

Head, Director and Executive Dean requirements

By 2 weeks before the applicant's submission deadline:

  • for Level A–D applicants: Heads/Directors must ensure that the completed and signed assessment and recommendation is provided back to the applicant
  • for Level E applicant: Executive Deans/Directors must ensure that the completed and signed report is provided back to the applicant.

Meeting this timeframe will ensure that the applicant can finalise their submission by the due date.

For more information about probation for professional staff, read the Probation for Professional Staff Policy and Procedures [5.70.02].

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