Professional and Executive APD process

When is the formal Professional and Executive APD process?

The key timelines for the formal APD process will be conducted between 4 October 2022 and 31 March 2023.

  • 4 October: APD process commences in Workday. 
  • 31 January: Self-evaluation is due for all staff in Workday.
  • 31 March: APD Conversations completed and Manager evaluation due. APD process closes.

Who is included in the Professional and Executive APD cohorts?

The Professional process applies to Professional Staff (HEW 1 - 10 noting that HEW 10 staff at Management Level 3 or 4 will be included in the Executive Process as outlined below).

    The Executive process applies to Management Levels 1 - 4 (e.g. Heads of School and above, Institute Deputy Directors and above).

    Professional and Executive staff set goals and reflect against the following goal categories:

    What is required for the Professional / Executive APD process?


    1. Self-evaluation

    To start the APD self-evaluation in Workday you will receive an inbox message with instructions on how to begin. 

    1. Review current goals 

    Reflect and provide a self-evaluation on each of the goals set under the goal categories: Delivery and Citizenship and Leadership. Consider what you have achieved in this space and, if possible, use data to show your results and impact. Include contributions to the team or other organisational outcomes. Reflect on the challenges you overcame and how you learnt from them. There is an opportunity at the end of these sections to reflect on achievements or challenges more broadly than the goals that were set 

    1. Reflect on your career aspirations and your vision for your career plan.  
    2. Reflect on your Development goals over the past 12 months. When considering your progress against each Development goal define the skills you gained, consider what you took away from the learning experience and any next steps. Draft Development goals for the year ahead.
    3. Develop goals for the year ahead across Delivery and Citizenship and Leadership. To draft goals, consider the question, ‘What do we need to accomplish this year to ensure it is a success?’  

    For domain goal inspiration, see the Professional Goal Library or the Executive Goal Library.

    1. Finalise the APD process information in Workday by ensuring mandatory training is up to date, completion of necessary disclosures and any final comments for reflection.  

    Once submitted this will workflow to your Manager for review. 

    Please note, on 1 February any incomplete or partially completed templates will be automatically forwarded onto the Manager.