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Anyone attending a UQ location must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from 14 February 2022. The COVID-19 vaccination procedure to support this requirement is available online. Staff and students can book their vaccine at UQ Health, St Lucia, Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm.
Where the revenue of a company can surpass a country's GDP, corporations have the power to determine the social, economic and environmental health of whole societies and nations. Join this ChangeMakers event on Thursday 3 February to hear from expert UQ alumni who are leading the way in corporate social responsibility.
This webinar, presented by UQ's Ergonomics Adviser on Wednesday 2 February, will focus on setting up your home office workstation to minimise discomfort and the risk of injury, including DIY around-the-home solutions.
COVID-19 vaccinations are available for staff and students (including international students). Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm at UQ Health Care, Gordon Greenwood Building (building 32).


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Applications are open for the CSL Research Acceleration Initiative 2022. UQ researchers can join information webinars to hear about CSL's therapeutic areas, application process and funding. Applications must fall within CSL's therapeutic focus areas: cardiovascular and metabolic, hematology, immunology, respiratory, transplant. For more information, contact Dr Craig Belcher.
Are you looking to grow your leadership capabilities? The Ventures LeadHers Staff Day, Thursday 10 February, seeks to support emerging female leaders in the university to reach their potential. Open to all female-identifying staff at UQ. Places are limited so be sure to register.
Many UQ authors may now more easily publish research articles as open access in a range of journals. This follows negotiations by UQ Library and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL). For more information, email UQ Library Scholarly Publishing.
The process for getting your UQ ID card has changed. If you need a UQ ID card, complete the appropriate form online and bring proof of ID when collecting it from the nominated campus. ID cards can be issued to UQ staff, students, contractors, affiliates and visitors.
From January 17, UQ will have a special program running which welcomes new and returning international students back to our campuses. Early O will help promote a smooth transition back to uni life with campus tours, workshops, and English assistance classes. Help UQ Life get the word out about the Early O website and activities.
Registrations are now open for Ready to Teach Week, Monday 7 – Friday 11 February. Get ready to teach with a week of activities dedicated to developing and preparing Semester 1 course materials.
Listen to UQ Stories
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Catching up on your Netflix queue is a great way to shield from the heat. Your home network will be getting a workout, so how can you keep it safe?
Watch the latest episodes of Know the facts with UQ's leading virologist Dr Kirsty Short as she answers your questions. Episodes 8 and 9 are out now.
If you visit the Art Museum you might notice that the staff who greet you are wearing new badges. They're small items with potential for big impacts, and the team hopes they'll help make the Art Museum a safe and welcoming space for all visitors.
UQ has updated the Software Acquisition and Use Procedure to provide extra information for staff obtaining new software at work. It’s important we follow the procedure to protect our community and safeguard UQ’s information – even if the software is free.
A change is coming to your inbox and documents. Find out more about Office 365 sensitivity labels, why they’re necessary, and what you need to do.
The Collaborative Partnership Research Grant program fosters the broadening of international research and engagement between Emory University and UQ. Applicants from all schools and disciplines are encouraged to submit funding applications for innovative and sustainable projects built around collaborative research and engagement. Up to two applications will be funded in 2021–22. Each application will receive up to US$10,000 from their respective institution, for a total of up US$20,000.
Brisbane City Council is upgrading the Sir Fred Schonell Drive and Coldridge Street intersection in St Lucia to improve safety for road users and pedestrians from late November 2021 to early 2022. The intersection has been the site of multiple serious collisions since 2014 and the project is part of the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program and National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020.
The Art Museum has taken new steps towards inclusivity and accessibility, with new accessibility guides supporting visitors to get the most out of their experience.
You can now send your scanned document directly to your Microsoft OneDrive account from all staff ITS-managed multifunction devices. There is no limit to file size, so you can scan a large document directly to OneDrive without it being impacted by email attachment size limits.
M&C and DVCRI have recently launched a News page on the Research website, updated daily with the latest features, news stories, videos, podcasts and media coverage of UQ research and researchers. Subscribe to the e-newsletter to get updates delivered directly to your inbox, and pass it along to friends, students and colleagues who might be interested.
A new multi-functional open landscape will be introduced at the P&F Gardeners Compound (Building 86) and Industrial Centre (85). As a result, the Fleet Compound occupying this space will be demolished, with all Fleet services, staff and car key collection being relocated to the Warehouse (Building 99), and all fleet hire vehicles being moved to the nearby carpark (P2), as of Monday 29 November.
To support UQ's plan to uplift online collaboration services for staff and current students, UQ has made the difficult decision to no longer provide UQ alumni with email services from early December 2021. More information will be communicated to UQ alumni, students and staff in the coming weeks. For more information, complete the enquiry form.
Several HR policies and procedures have been amended with the introduction of Workday. These have all been through extensive consultation. A list of new and amended UQ policies can be found here. For enquiries, email
UQP launches the UQP Bookshop, an on-campus bookshop in the Biological Sciences Library at the main University of Queensland campus in St Lucia, Brisbane. A valuable showcase for both UQP’s extraordinary literary history as well as its boundary-pushing present. Staff and students are entitled to 10% off the RRP on all orders while those who sign up to become UQP members receive 20% off their first order.
Simon Denny's artwork was added to the UQ Art Collection this year, joining one of Queensland's most significant public art collections. It is inspired by a “worker cage” patent granted to Amazon in 2017 and is currently on display at UQ Art Museum as part of the technology-focused 'Don’t Be Evil' exhibition. (Pictured: Simon Denny, 'Document Relief 19 (Amazon Worker Cage patent), 2020'.
Responsible data use is vital to all roles at UQ, including in administration, IT, or teaching and learning. Learn how to improve your ethical uses of data. For enquiries, contact Data Governance.
UQ has observed that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags are being used on email footers and websites across UQ. While it is encouraging so many of you wish to acknowledge Traditional Owners, UQ takes copyright issues seriously, and so based on legal advice, all staff and units must stop using both flags in this way until we have obtained licences.
The pronoun feature in Zoom has now been enabled at UQ. This feature enables users to add pronouns to their profile and chose when or if these pronouns are shown during meetings and webinars.
Upgrade to Lakes Bus Station
Brisbane City Council will commence site inspections at the station to progress the proposed design for the upgrade, which will be delivered as part of Brisbane Metro. The work taking place intermittently from August to October will include locating underground services and geotechnical investigations. No disruption to the bus, pedestrian or cycle routes are expected in the area. For more information about these works, call Brisbane Move on 1800 318 059 or email
If you need to buy something but you’re not sure where to start, the Enterprise Procurement team’s new 'Where to buy' guide can point you in the right direction. It’s a quick and easy way to find out what your first steps should be and where you can go for extra help and support.
Promote your events in UQ Alumni EDM
The UQ Alumni team send out a 'call for submissions' each month to feature events on the Alumni website and email newsletter. If you would like to be part of this list and have your events included on the Alumni website and possibly featured in the EDM, email Hayley Lees.
Find out how the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework (EDEF) will help you navigate the complex data landscape with confidence.
The Research Data Manager (UQRDM) is UQ’s recommended place to store all active research data. Visit the new UQRDM Resource Hub containing a wide variety of supporting materials to learn how to use UQRDM to its fullest or share helpful materials with your collaborators.
UQ's User Interface Design and Development (ADS UI) team in ITS Application Development and Support have launched the 'Design System', an online guide to how user interfaces should look, feel, behave and be coded at UQ. For more information, contact the ITS ADS UI team at
UQ SafeZone allows you to make an emergency call to Security and instantly give them your location. You can also make first-aid calls for medical attention and calls for general help, such as finding the location of buildings if you are lost or have been locked out of your room.
UQ’s Gender Steering Committee has published a guide to pay negotiation at UQ, which provides tangible opportunities for staff to negotiate positive career progression and remuneration, and action items for managers to foster an environment that puts the focus on employee growth and performance.
Academic promotion recognises our staff's significant contribution to their discipline, our students, the University and the broader community. UQ offers its congratulations to the academics who have been promoted from 2021.
UQ’s Gender Steering Committee has published a guide to pay equity at UQ, which has resources for staff and managers about the gender pay gap, its causes and the benefits we will receive if we work towards achieving gender pay equity in our work areas, and academia as a whole.
UQ Finance is pleased to announce a new simple and more efficient way to approve the payment of invoices associated with UniFi Amount Only Requisitions.
Smartphones and mobile devices play an increasingly essential and varied role in our personal and professional lives. How can we protect our devices and data from unauthorised access?
The UQ Contacts page has been updated to adopt UQ branding and provide a more usable interface for visitors. Staff are encouraged to visit the new UQ Contacts page to review their details. You can suggest edits to your details via an online form which is available on the page.
Modern scams can be highly sophisticated, making it difficult to know what is real and what is fake. Take a moment to think before clicking or responding to unexpected requests and ask yourself: Is this legitimate?
The UQ Digital Asset Manager (UQ DAM) is here and houses all brand-compliant digital assets including images, video, audio, brand templates, UQ logos, guidelines, illustrations and stock photos. If you haven’t had a look, or are unsure about the download process, view the training videos.
To operate and deliver services to the community, UQ collects and manages information. Although our IT systems help to protect this information, the UQ community plays a key role in ensuring sensitive information is kept safe. Learn what your responsibilities are in terms of data privacy and ethics.
FBS is pleased to advise a simplified guide outlining what’s required when planning and procuring consulting or professional services has been added to the Procurement procedures and forms webpage. Go to Engaging contractors for consulting and professional services guide for further information.
Additional simplified documents will be added as they become available.
A strong password or passphrase is still one of the best ways to secure your UQ and personal accounts. This is vital during the pandemic due to the high volume of scams and malicious activities targeting individuals and organisations. Ensure sources are genuine before clicking links, downloading or providing information.
More UQ websites and services are using UQ Authenticate for staff to log in, providing a seamless log-in experience and enhancing security by protecting your information with multi-factor authentication (MFA).
The UQ community plays an essential part in protecting the integrity of Zoom meetings. All staff are reminded that while you can share the links in Blackboard for teaching purposes, you must not share Zoom meeting links in public forums, such as social media.
Have you noticed something suspicious? Think you may have fallen victim to a cyber scam? To appropriately manage and reduce the impact of cyber security incidents, it’s important that you report them to IT Support as quickly as possible. Find out what you should report.
Technology is an important enabler for us to continue to support the University whilst working remotely. Here are some tips to improve your Zoom and VPN experience while ensuring that these services remain stable for all staff and students to use.
Cyber security researchers around the world have witnessed a surge in COVID-19 themed cybercrime. Take care to ensure that any messages (phone, email or text) regarding COVID-19 are genuine before replying, downloading, clicking links or providing information.
Find out how to stay protected.
It’s important you safely and securely manage your files. Based on the type of information you are working with, it’s essential that you select an appropriate storage location that meets your needs, as well as UQ’s and regulatory compliance requirements. Find out where you should be storing your files.
UQ has recently moved from a preferred supplier panel to an approved supplier list. We now have more than 20 approved photography and videography suppliers, giving staff a range of options, both in style and price point. All suppliers must be set up in UniFi for payment, and non-approved suppliers will be blocked. Send requests to add new supplier to
Business email compromise occurs when an employee receives an email from a senior staff member requesting important documents or payment. Find out how to spot a fraudulent business email, and protect yourself from a potential attack.