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Nominate a person from the UQ community for the UQ honorary awards for the July 2021 graduations.
Featuring works by Mozart and Ravel, the School of Music Virtual Concert Series welcomes the Viney-Grinberg Duo. The program will touch lightly on a few pandemic-related themes. Livestream from your living room on Friday 17 July at 1pm.
Join this webinar on Monday 13 July to hear a group of international panellists discuss the challenges to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) following the COVID-19 pandemic.
What's on UQ Wellness July Update
Find out the latest UQ Wellness information and events in the July UQ Wellness Update.


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Expressions of interest are now open for the UQ teaching awards until 7 August 2020. These awards acknowledge excellence in learning and teaching by recognising staff through three award programs (self-nomination is permitted).
Nominations for the Above and Beyond in 2020 award are open now until Friday 4 September. This one-off award scheme seeks to recognise and acknowledge the remarkable achievements of UQ staff pivoting to support students’ learning under unprecedented circumstances in Semester One. For enquiries, email
Staff are invited to take part in a survey for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Staff Inclusion Strategy. Fill in this brief form to share your expectations as the strategy is developed by UQ Workplace Diversity & Inclusion and the Cultural Inclusion Council.
UQ have now finalised the processing for the 2020 financial year for Single Touch Payroll and ATO Income Statements are now ready to view via myGov. If you don't already have a myGov account, you will need to create one.
The final episode of UQ's parenting podcast is available and highlights the importance of cultural connection. Find out how to celebrate and learn from different cultures as we model culturally-sensitive behaviour for children.
Join our expert panel on Monday 13 July as they discuss how research in some Indigenous communities is failing to recognise culturally appropriate healthcare solutions. They will consider ways we can work to benefit our First Nations communities that ultimately lead to an impact.
UQ will be finalising the ATO 2020 Single Touch Payroll end of financial year process next week. The finalised ATO Income Statement will be available in myGov for you to lodge your 2020 Tax Return from next week. If you don't already have a myGov account, you will need to create one.
Did you know that there are different types of data roles defined at UQ? All staff have a part to play in UQ’s data landscape. Learn about the different data roles within UQ, your responsibilities, and how you contribute to ensuring we all work with high quality data.
What's on UQ Wellness July Update
Find out the latest UQ Wellness information and events in the July UQ Wellness newsletter.
UQU owned and operated outlets have started to re-open. UQU are very excited to welcome customers, students and UQ staff back. Visit the UQU website to check out re-opening dates, times and the changes in UQU outlets to ensure they are COVID-19 safe.
Please be advised that the free parking period has been extended to Sunday 2 August and paid parking will resume on Monday 3 August 2020 on all UQ sites.
If you're trying to reduce the load on public transport during the pandemic, you can still employ green driving techniques to help reduce environmental impact too.
UQ early career researchers are encouraged to apply for the Westpac Research Fellowship. Recipients will receive leadership training, networking opportunities and flexible funding (a minimum of $400,000 over five years). Applications close Tuesday 25 August.
You can now easily and securely recover your UQ password online if you forget it. To enable the online password recovery feature, you will need to provide some personal contact details and answers to security questions in the my.UQ dashboard under ‘My profile’.
The Fitness Passport program has been on hold since the gym restrictions began earlier this year and will reopen in the next few weeks so staff can enjoy the facilities once again.
The UQ Awards ceremony has been confirmed for Tuesday 24 November 2020, from 3–6pm, in the GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building. Rules on social distancing will likely have an impact on the ceremony’s logistics including limits on the number of attendees. We will keep you informed as more information comes to light.
Request for proposals from NIBR Global Scholars Group offering funding for successful applications up to USD$1million over 3 years (inclusive of UQ overheads) – opens 1 July 2020, closes 24 July 2020. Refer to the website for therapeutic areas and scientific needs list. Email for application form.
The UQ Hardship Hamper program has been helping students in need, distributing over 4500 meals, groceries and basic essentials every week. In order to get these hampers out every week, staff and volunteers organise, and pack over 500 hardship hampers to be collected or delivered to students. Staff interested in volunteering to pack or deliver hampers to students, email UQ Hardship Hampers.
A three-stage roadmap has been developed to guide the transition of staff, students and visitors back to UQ campuses and sites, and the phased resumption of activities. More information on the roadmap is available online.
As the End of Financial Year is approaching, please ensure your personal contact details, including address are current. To check and update, Log in to MyAurion.
UQ researchers have secured $12.8 million in the ARC Linkage scheme, the largest investment for any Australian university. The 26 funded projects will see researchers collaborating with industry partners to maximise pineapple production, develop eco-friendly pesticides, enable next-generation batteries and more.
Now the next phase of coronavirus restrictions are lifting, it's time to plan our safe return to ‘normal’ life. From the school to the workplace, Professor Ian Frazer AC and Dr Kirsty Short answer your top ten questions about how to make this a smooth transition and prevent a second wave of infections.
To operate and deliver services to the community, UQ collects and manages information. Although our IT systems help to protect this information, the UQ community plays a key role in ensuring sensitive information is kept safe. Learn what your responsibilities are in terms of data privacy and ethics.
FBS is pleased to advise a simplified guide outlining what’s required when planning and procuring consulting or professional services has been added to the Procurement procedures and forms webpage. Go to Engaging contractors for consulting and professional services guide for further information.
Additional simplified documents will be added as they become available.
The Human Capital Management Solution Program is currently underway with phase two, which incorporates the implementation of Workday across the university. Workday, a leading world-class Human Resource system, is a significant step forward in enabling UQ to be more agile and mobile in the way we deliver Human Resources to our people.
While restrictions are starting to lift in Queensland, life is far from back to normal. Professor Ian Frazer and Dr Kirsty Short have teamed up once again to answer your questions about the virus and ease concerns about the roadmap to recovery. Watch episode four now.
The updated Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners (BDHP) Research Passport Agreement is now ready for researchers to use. To find out more about the agreement and the benefits of using it, visit the Brisbane Diamantina website. There, you can download a copy of the agreement. Please direct your questions and feedback to
A strong password or passphrase is still one of the best ways to secure your UQ and personal accounts. This is vital during the pandemic due to the high volume of scams and malicious activities targeting individuals and organisations. Ensure sources are genuine before clicking links, downloading or providing information.
Free fitness and nutrition consults are now available to book in UQ Chats in the Virtual Village! Get access to free consults, nutrition plans and exercise plans while supporting our HMNS students!
From 18 May 2020, TransLink is temporarily closing the busway through Roma Street station, for approximately 15 weeks to enable works on the Cross River Rail Project. This may impact the travel for some UQ staff and students.
UQ Health Care has opened a Respiratory Clinic at PACE. They are safely testing for COVID-19 in this isolated clinic, ensuring the Cornwall St Medical Centre can focus on other patients. Even those with mild symptoms should book a free corona virus test at the Annerley Respiratory Clinic.
More UQ websites and services are using UQ Authenticate for staff to log in, providing a seamless log-in experience and enhancing security by protecting your information with multi-factor authentication (MFA). UQ Authenticate is being enabled for UniFi from 15 May 2020.
The UQ community plays an essential part in protecting the integrity of Zoom meetings. All staff are reminded that while you can share the links in Blackboard for teaching purposes, you must not share Zoom meeting links in public forums, such as social media.
The UQ Reportal is your gateway to UQ organisational system data. Training is now available online: learn to find, use and edit existing reports, or develop new reports to suit your analytical needs.
Property & Facilities Division (P&F) has published its April edition of P&F News, which will provide an insight into P&F’s many services, sustainability efforts and major projects across our campuses. Keep up to date with P&F news and initiatives by reading the latest edition and subscribing to future editions.
Many from the UQ community are stepping up to help, from the Shopping Angels delivering in a time of need or the Orthodontist keeping people smiling.
A new SI-net Access Request Form has been developed using the UniTask system. Log into my.UQ and select menu item 'My Requests', click the 'New Request' button to access the form. For more information, visit the UQ Systems Training Hub website.
The UQ Marketplace is an initiative developed to assist in matching staff with available capacity to demand as some areas of the University increase in activity and others decrease during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff can register their available time and transferable skills so they can be matched to roles and work in other parts of the University.
The Health, Safety and Wellness Division have released our Q2, 2020 Update. The HSW Division is committed to sharing vital health, safety and wellness news and information that impacts all staff and students. Keep up to date by subscribing to the mailing list.
There is so much to offer in the UQ Virtual Village! Join over 50 circles in UQ mates and connect based on your hobbies and interests; or book one on one consults, conversations and drop in sessions with Career Advisors, Sustainability, Global Experiences, UQ Ventures, UQ Library and many more In UQ Chats!
Presented by Professor Matt Sanders and Associate Professor Vanessa Cobham, this seminar was developed to assist UQ staff to deal with the challenges of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Have you noticed something suspicious? Think you may have fallen victim to a cyber scam? To appropriately manage and reduce the impact of cyber security incidents, it’s important that you report them to IT Support as quickly as possible. Find out what you should report.
Most of UQ's IT systems and services can be accessed remotely. To help you work effectively, a recorded training session is available to help you access the standard resources you need. In addition, the Systems Training Hub provides online resources for enterprise systems such as SI-net, Service CRM, TRIM.
Many students are required to access specialist software in UQ computer labs. To support remote studying arrangements due to COVID-19, students can now access many of these applications remotely for free. Visit the free student software for personal use webpage for a list of software now available for students.
Technology is an important enabler for us to continue to support the University whilst working remotely. Here are some tips to improve your Zoom and VPN experience while ensuring that these services remain stable for all staff and students to use.
Entrepreneurship programs at UQ are now fully integrated online. Make the most of these challenging times by upskilling and gaining the mindset to innovate like an entrepreneur. For the latest programs, visit the UQ Ventures website.
UQ Health Care St Lucia remains open and are bulk-billing telehealth consults for students and staff – including mental health consults. However, should your condition require a face-to-face consult, this may be arranged providing you speak with reception prior to arrival. Phone (07) 3365 6210 or visit the UQ Health Care website.
Teaching from home presents additional challenges for staff. Further guidelines and support are available online.
Professor Shaun Bond shares his thoughts on how to navigate some of the big financial decisions in this time of economic uncertainty.
Cyber security researchers around the world have witnessed a surge in COVID-19 themed cybercrime. Take care to ensure that any messages (phone, email or text) regarding COVID-19 are genuine before replying, downloading, clicking links or providing information.
Find out how to stay protected.
It’s important you safely and securely manage your files. Based on the type of information you are working with, it’s essential that you select an appropriate storage location that meets your needs, as well as UQ’s and regulatory compliance requirements. Find out where you should be storing your files.
While the Internet provides convenience and connectivity, it’s important that we understand the security risks and take steps to protect ourselves and those around us. Read our Internet safety tips.
Fulbright offers scholarships to the United States for Australian citizens to undertake training or research programs across all career stages, from postgraduate to senior scholar and professional. Applications open until 6 July 2020.
This year, Information Technology Services (ITS) is asking you to think about the safety of your personal and professional information. There are simple steps we can all take to protect ourselves and those around us – find out how to keep your personal and professional details secure.
After a comprehensive review, Information Technology Services (ITS) has created new policies and procedures to help you understand your roles and responsibilities in relation to UQ’s ICT resources. Find out more about the changes and register for the upcoming information seminar.
Credential phishing is an email scam that targets your login details. Learn how to spot a credential phishing scam and protect your sensitive information in this month’s cyber awareness update.
UQ has recently moved from a preferred supplier panel to an approved supplier list. We now have more than 20 approved photography and videography suppliers, giving staff a range of options, both in style and price point. All suppliers must be set up in UniFi for payment, and non-approved suppliers will be blocked. Send requests to add new supplier to
In July 2019 UQ launched automated invoice processing, introducing optical character recognition (OCR) technology and changing the way the Accounts Payable team manage processing supplier payments. OCR technology significantly streamlines the payment process, however suppliers are required to meet specific requirements to ensure an efficient payment process.
Learn how to protect yourself online. UQ’s ‘Staff cyber security awareness – Essentials’ training module provides essential information for protecting yourself and the University from cyber threats. All UQ staff are required to complete this training every three years. Optional modules are also available to help further your knowledge. Access the online training >
Business email compromise occurs when an employee receives an email from a senior staff member requesting important documents or payment. Find out how to spot a fraudulent business email, and protect yourself from a potential attack.
Mobile phones (including accessories) and commonly purchased software are now available on UQeMarket. This makes ordering easier and faster – for full details and information on how to order, read more.
Get up to scratch with a UQ Sport First Aid and CPR Short Course. Open to all students, staff and public, and taking enrolments all year round – it's never too late to get certified. Click to see upcoming dates and enrol today.
Did you know that emailing multiple support accounts actually increases the time taken to respond to your query? Find out how to contact support teams correctly, to ensure a faster response.
UQ staff and students who wish to quit smoking are able to access support options – full details are available via the website. For more information and enquiries, contact