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Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deborah Terry shares an update on Semester 2 enrolments and UQ’s financial position for 2020 as well as some information about UQ's plans for managing the ongoing impact of COVID-19.
Participate in a presentation and Q&A session with Commissioning Editor Michael Lund to learn how to be part of The Conversation. This online training session for UQ academics and PhD students will tell you what you need to know before pitching a new article, and the benefits of bringing your expertise to the world. Wednesday 28 October, 9.30–11am.
This 12-part podcast series explores all corners of engineering from inventions to solving problems. Every Wednesday and Friday for the next month, hear from students, academics and industry professionals in the engineering sector answer the big questions.
UQ Wellness September update
Get up to date with the latest UQ Wellness offerings and resources for September. View the UQ Wellness September newsletter online.


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Join student curator Elena Dias-Jayasinha in conversation with Dr Peter Evans on Friday 18 September as they explore how the Pythagorean concept of 'music of the spheres' applies to modern Physics, Shakespeare and the UQ Art Museum’s current exhibition.
UQ Jobs will be changed to UQ Careers including a domain change to effective Monday 14 September. Website redirects will be in place to capture any old website links that refer to UQ Jobs as well as any documents or other webpages.
UQ is participating in the Student Experience Survey (SES). The SES provides students with the opportunity to talk about their university experience. Please encourage students to complete this survey.
Participate in a presentation and Q&A session with Commissioning Editor Michael Lund to learn how to be part of The Conversation. This online training session for UQ academics and PhD students will tell you what you need to know before pitching a new article, and the benefits of bringing your expertise to the world. Wednesday 28 October, 9.30–11am.
ITS is upgrading the UQ network at Gatton campus on Sunday 20 September. A number of IT services will be briefly unavailable between 9am and 5pm while the work is underway. Any outages will be short and are expected to be no longer than five minutes at any one time.
The UQ RDM ‘Q’ collections will be unavailable from 5pm Thursday 1 October until 5pm Monday 5 October to allow the infrastructure to be upgraded by the vendor. Find out how you can plan for this outage in order to minimise disruption to your workflow.
The Playhouse Parent and Childcare Centre is offering vacation care bookings for school-aged children for Term 3 (21 September – 2 October). Vacation care programs include activities to cater for all children. Sessions run from 7.30am–5.30pm and cost $58 per day, with a reduced fee if you have been approved for a childcare subsidy.
UQ Wellness September update
Get up to date with the latest UQ Wellness offerings and resources for September. View the UQ Wellness September newsletter online.
What do the energy stars on your fridge really mean? Does your TV have an end-of-life program? See the UQ Sustainability purchasing guide.
UQ Images has been replaced with the UQ Digital Asset Manager (UQ DAM). The UQ DAM will help staff and suppliers work more efficiently and collaboratively. It houses all brand-compliant digital assets including images, video, audio, brand templates, UQ logos, guidelines, illustrations and stock photos.
Know a sporting star? Applications are now open for the 2021 UQ Sporting Scholarships! Elite student-athletes competing at a national or international level can benefit from financial support, as well as free tutoring, academic aid, wellbeing workshops, sport psychology, world-class training facilities, and more. Applications close 31 October.
UQLife is seeking partners for upcoming Semester 2 events, including BLOOM Festival from 19–30 October. UQLife are also seeking interest for 2021 events. If you are interested in partnering, or would like more information, please contact the UQLife team.
UQ telephony services are being updated on Thursday evenings from 3 September – 1 October. Inbound calls from outside of UQ to your UQ extension will be temporarily unavailable for 15 minutes while our service provider migrates to newer technologies. Find out when your UQ extension will be impacted.
The Australasian University Health Challenge starts Monday 31 August and runs for six weeks. UQ is competing against sixteen other universities to see which institution is the most physically active over this period. Open to all staff and students.
The UQ Art Museum is hosting a new online exhibition. Via a dynamic online platform, 'Conflict in My Outlook' presents new and recent artworks, and brand new research on how the internet shapes social relations and ideas and tracks our cyber movements.
The UQLife team are proud to announce that they now have an outdoor learning space (lower Forgan Smith Lawns) and an outdoor events space (Natural Amphitheatre) available for bookings throughout Semester 2. Enquire today!
If you're an academic looking for more opportunities to engage with the media, it's time to update your Researcher's Profile. This is a great source of public information that the media can use to find spokespeople and experts for their stories. Head to, click ‘Update Profile’, and list your research keywords in layperson's terms to help journalists find you.
UQ community members are able to access free Telehealth counselling via UQ With You, providing confidential, high quality counselling services free of charge. UQ With You is here for you, whether you need a one-off chat or longer-term support.
As we acquire more digital information every day, it becomes crucial that we organise our digital world to safeguard information from unauthorised access. Read some quick tips to help you do a digital spring clean and protect your personal information and accounts.
The Enterprise Data Governance Program has released a Data Handling Procedure which outlines data handling requirements for data, information and records in digital/electronic format at UQ. This procedure enables clear direction and a more effective approach to securing and safeguarding valuable University digital information assets.
Help shape the future of IT at UQ, and let us know what you think of our upcoming Enterprise IT Strategy (2021–2023). You can read a consultation draft, take our short survey, or attend one of our workshops!
As part of UQ’s strategy for sexual misconduct prevention and response, UQ Respect have just launched a new online module, UQ Respect: Sexual Consent, Ethical Bystanding and Compassionate Response. We all have a role to play, in ensuring our learning environments are safe and respectful spaces for all.
Non-confidential proposals are invited for small and large molecule drug discovery collaboration in oncology, inflammation & immunology, internal medicine and rare diseases. Deadline Monday 21 September 2020. Visit the website for more information and to download proposal application form.
UQ’s old maps platforms UQNav is getting an extensive overhaul in the form of New UQMaps. An early demo of the New UQMaps is now available to provide room-to-room directions and insights for the St Lucia campus. Use it to find your next meeting, lunch spot or even hand sanitiser.
As we return to the office, new cyber security and information protection considerations arise. It’s important that we refine our habits when we’re back on-campus to ensure we are still effectively protecting information in this environment.
UQ’s Health & Rehabilitation Clinics, including Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Telerehabilitation, now offer a UQ staff and student discount of 15 per cent off already low fees. All clinics offer telehealth options. Contact the Health & Rehabilitation Clinic via email or 3356 2232 to secure an appointment for yourself or your family member today – no referral necessary.
UQ have now finalised the processing for the 2020 financial year for Single Touch Payroll and ATO Income Statements are now ready to view via myGov. If you don't already have a myGov account, you will need to create one.
The final episode of UQ's parenting podcast is available and highlights the importance of cultural connection. Find out how to celebrate and learn from different cultures as we model culturally-sensitive behaviour for children.
Did you know that there are different types of data roles defined at UQ? All staff have a part to play in UQ’s data landscape. Learn about the different data roles within UQ, your responsibilities, and how you contribute to ensuring we all work with high quality data.
You can now easily and securely recover your UQ password online if you forget it. To enable the online password recovery feature, you will need to provide some personal contact details and answers to security questions in the my.UQ dashboard under ‘My profile’.
To operate and deliver services to the community, UQ collects and manages information. Although our IT systems help to protect this information, the UQ community plays a key role in ensuring sensitive information is kept safe. Learn what your responsibilities are in terms of data privacy and ethics.
FBS is pleased to advise a simplified guide outlining what’s required when planning and procuring consulting or professional services has been added to the Procurement procedures and forms webpage. Go to Engaging contractors for consulting and professional services guide for further information.
Additional simplified documents will be added as they become available.
A strong password or passphrase is still one of the best ways to secure your UQ and personal accounts. This is vital during the pandemic due to the high volume of scams and malicious activities targeting individuals and organisations. Ensure sources are genuine before clicking links, downloading or providing information.
UQ Health Care has opened a Respiratory Clinic at PACE. They are safely testing for COVID-19 in this isolated clinic, ensuring the Cornwall St Medical Centre can focus on other patients. Even those with mild symptoms should book a free corona virus test at the Annerley Respiratory Clinic.
More UQ websites and services are using UQ Authenticate for staff to log in, providing a seamless log-in experience and enhancing security by protecting your information with multi-factor authentication (MFA). UQ Authenticate is being enabled for UniFi from 15 May 2020.
The UQ community plays an essential part in protecting the integrity of Zoom meetings. All staff are reminded that while you can share the links in Blackboard for teaching purposes, you must not share Zoom meeting links in public forums, such as social media.
A new SI-net Access Request Form has been developed using the UniTask system. Log into my.UQ and select menu item 'My Requests', click the 'New Request' button to access the form. For more information, visit the UQ Systems Training Hub website.
The UQ Marketplace is an initiative developed to assist in matching staff with available capacity to demand as some areas of the University increase in activity and others decrease during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff can register their available time and transferable skills so they can be matched to roles and work in other parts of the University.
There is so much to offer in the UQ Virtual Village! Join over 50 circles in UQ mates and connect based on your hobbies and interests; or book one on one consults, conversations and drop in sessions with Career Advisors, Sustainability, Global Experiences, UQ Ventures, UQ Library and many more In UQ Chats!
Presented by Professor Matt Sanders and Associate Professor Vanessa Cobham, this seminar was developed to assist UQ staff to deal with the challenges of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Have you noticed something suspicious? Think you may have fallen victim to a cyber scam? To appropriately manage and reduce the impact of cyber security incidents, it’s important that you report them to IT Support as quickly as possible. Find out what you should report.
Most of UQ's IT systems and services can be accessed remotely. To help you work effectively, a recorded training session is available to help you access the standard resources you need. In addition, the Systems Training Hub provides online resources for enterprise systems such as SI-net, Service CRM, TRIM.
Many students are required to access specialist software in UQ computer labs. To support remote studying arrangements due to COVID-19, students can now access many of these applications remotely for free. Visit the free student software for personal use webpage for a list of software now available for students.
Technology is an important enabler for us to continue to support the University whilst working remotely. Here are some tips to improve your Zoom and VPN experience while ensuring that these services remain stable for all staff and students to use.
Cyber security researchers around the world have witnessed a surge in COVID-19 themed cybercrime. Take care to ensure that any messages (phone, email or text) regarding COVID-19 are genuine before replying, downloading, clicking links or providing information.
Find out how to stay protected.
It’s important you safely and securely manage your files. Based on the type of information you are working with, it’s essential that you select an appropriate storage location that meets your needs, as well as UQ’s and regulatory compliance requirements. Find out where you should be storing your files.
While the Internet provides convenience and connectivity, it’s important that we understand the security risks and take steps to protect ourselves and those around us. Read our Internet safety tips.
This year, Information Technology Services (ITS) is asking you to think about the safety of your personal and professional information. There are simple steps we can all take to protect ourselves and those around us – find out how to keep your personal and professional details secure.
After a comprehensive review, Information Technology Services (ITS) has created new policies and procedures to help you understand your roles and responsibilities in relation to UQ’s ICT resources. Find out more about the changes and register for the upcoming information seminar.
Credential phishing is an email scam that targets your login details. Learn how to spot a credential phishing scam and protect your sensitive information in this month’s cyber awareness update.
UQ has recently moved from a preferred supplier panel to an approved supplier list. We now have more than 20 approved photography and videography suppliers, giving staff a range of options, both in style and price point. All suppliers must be set up in UniFi for payment, and non-approved suppliers will be blocked. Send requests to add new supplier to
In July 2019 UQ launched automated invoice processing, introducing optical character recognition (OCR) technology and changing the way the Accounts Payable team manage processing supplier payments. OCR technology significantly streamlines the payment process, however suppliers are required to meet specific requirements to ensure an efficient payment process.
Business email compromise occurs when an employee receives an email from a senior staff member requesting important documents or payment. Find out how to spot a fraudulent business email, and protect yourself from a potential attack.
Mobile phones (including accessories) and commonly purchased software are now available on UQeMarket. This makes ordering easier and faster – for full details and information on how to order, read more.
Get up to scratch with a UQ Sport First Aid and CPR Short Course. Open to all students, staff and public, and taking enrolments all year round – it's never too late to get certified. Click to see upcoming dates and enrol today.
Did you know that emailing multiple support accounts actually increases the time taken to respond to your query? Find out how to contact support teams correctly, to ensure a faster response.
UQ staff and students who wish to quit smoking are able to access support options – full details are available via the website. For more information and enquiries, contact