As well as the UQ Update e-newsletter, UQ's Staff updates section of the Current Staff website is used as a bulletin board that highlights the current happenings at UQ throughout the week. You can submit items to the UQ Update team for publication on the Staff updates page and possible inclusion in the UQ Update e-newsletter.

Items published on the Staff updates website are not automatically included in the UQ Update e-newsletter. Find out how items are selected for the e-newsletter by the UQ Update team.

Content is updated on Staff updates daily, so bookmark the site and check it regularly so you don't miss out on news as it's announced.


Submit a news item

How to submit

To submit an item to be part of Staff updates, send in a:

  • headline
  • lead-in sentence
  • link to the website of your choosing. 

Where possible, you should link to an existing web content page for your item. This can be a non-UQ web address or email address as long as it's relevant to the item.

Once you submit an item, it will be added to Staff updates within two working days (usually one) unless you ask for a later publishing date.

Who can submit

Anyone who has information relevant to UQ staff can submit an item. It must have either a direct connection with UQ-related activities or directly involve a UQ staff member in their role as a staff member.


  • an ad for a staff member's local sporting club's barbeque
  • groups of staff members advertising their team charity page


  • a non-UQ conference where a UQ staff member is speaking on a topic in their discipline

Submission requirements

Topic Requirement

Only lead stories and news items will have an image assigned to them. You can provide an image or we can assign a generic one (we will not seek approval for a generic image).

  • Minimum dimensions are 640px x 640px.
  • .jpg/.jpeg or .png format
  • Under 1MB
  • Landscape (horizontal) format

You can use an online image compressor to make it smaller in file size. We will review images to make sure they're appropriate.

  • Images can't be replaced with videos
  • We can't upload videos onto the website
  • We can link through to a video on a different site such as YouTube or Vimeo
Word limits
  • Headlines should be shorter than 30 characters to avoid breaking over two lines
  • Main text should not exceed 50 words for news items or 30 words for any other item
  • We will edit content if too long
Longer content
  • We will host longer articles only when absolutely necessary
  • You should find another web-based home for your content where possible.
  • Contact UQ Update team to discuss
Item duration
  • Events, workshops and development opportunities: until the event date
  • Other items: 4 weeks
  • Other arrangements can be made in advance
Submission edits
  • Content may be edited for lenth, accuracy and style
  • We will not seek approval for changes before upload
  • Contact UQ Update team for changes

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