For more information about the application process or to find forms, see:

Annual review

  • By mid June 2019: applicant sends application to Head of organisational unit and has annual review meeting.
  • 28 June 2019: Head must send Form C to the local HR Client Services team by this date.

Mid-term and final reviews

See probation for more information about mid-term and final reviews for continuing appointment. 

Special Studies Program

  • Mid-April 2019: send application to Head of organisational unit for review and comment.
  • 3 May 2019: submissions close, send to HR Client Services team.


Level B

  • Applicant must submit via UQ Jobs using the relevant application link on academic promotion up to Level D.
  • No submission closing date applies, but you must complete within 6 weeks of beginning an application.

Levels C and D

1 April 2019: 

14 June 2019 :

Promotion to Professor

28 June 2019: