The rank of professor is reserved for individuals with outstanding performance. Leadership, quality and impact underpin the criteria for this level and, although no quotas are prescribed, promotion to this rank is limited.

Promotion to professor is an annual process, with applicants considered by the Professorial Confirmation and Promotions Committee.

The HR Director will email all academic staff to announce the start of the promotion round.


You can apply for promotion to professor as long as you satisfy the eligibility criteria outlined in the Promotion to Professor Policy [5.80.14].

Your case for professorial promotion must:

  • highlight achievements over the past 5 years
  • include supporting documentation that focuses on your contributions since your last promotion or appointment to Associate Professor
  • concisely cover your whole academic career.

Applying for promotion

Before you submit your application, make sure you read the:

Your application must include these completed forms:

Head, Director and Executive Dean requirements

If you have a staff member in your area applying for professorial promotion you must complete:

Submitting your application

The promotion to professor 2017 application period is closed. The 2018 application period dates will be included in the academic submission timetable in early 2018.

You must submit your application via UQ Jobs. 

We will not accept applications via email.

For technical support when completing your application, contact the HR Systems Service Desk.

Successful promotion applicants

Read the full list of successful promotion applicants (PDF, 100KB) from the previous round.