These salary schedules are effective from 28 February 2019.

Check the salary and pay deadlines for pay dates and deadlines for submitting and approving time sheets, HR forms and payroll claims:

Management loadings

Head of School and Associate Dean positions normally attract payment of a management loading in addition to base salary.

When a staff member receives a market loading due to their appointment to 1 of the roles listed here, this market loading should be considered in determining the amount of the management loading paid to the staff member.

The management loading amounts listed here are provided as a guide to assist in determining an appropriate loading for these positions.

A staff member would normally act in a Head of School role for more than 2 months before receiving the loading outlined.

Loading Full-time annual rate Full-time fortnightly rate
Head of School $30,000 $1149.90
Associate Dean $30,000 $1149.90
Acting Head of School $25,000 $958.25

Academic loadings

These academic loadings are consistent with the:

Loading description Full-time annual rate Full-time fortnightly rate
Professorial merit loading $24,730.58 $947.92
Clinical Loading $31,498.33 $1,207.33
Para-clinical Loading $21,023.57 $805.83
Pre-clinical Loading $15,772.73 $604.57
Dental Loading $15,772.73 $604.57