Staff responsibilities for health and safety

Health and safety responsibilities of staff and safety officers. 

UQ safety network contacts

Contact details for UQ safety network staff, including Work Health and Safety Coordinators, Health and Safety Representatives, other safety officer roles and OHS committee members.

Health and safety managers and coordinators

Resources for Health Safety Wellness (HSW) Managers and Work Health and Safety Coordinators (WHSC).

Communications from Health, Safety and Wellness

Communications from the Health, Safety and Wellness Division for the UQ community, including safety notices, incident alerts, memos, newsletters and communiqués. 

Occupational health and safety committees

Overview of the role occupational health and safety committees in assuring effective consultation about OHS matters, resources for committee secretaries, and committee meeting minutes. 

Auditing health and safety practices

OHS management systems audit program, including audit tool and template, OHS inspections and template, and chemical safety inspections and template. 

Health and safety complaints and issue resolution

Find out how to resolve a health, safety and wellness issue, including how to lodge a complaint or provide feedback.

Health and safety legislation

Overview of relevant occupational health and safety legislation and its application to UQ.