Communications from the Health, Safety and Wellness Division for the UQ community, including safety notices, incident alerts, memos, newsletters and communiqués.

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Communication Date Type
HDR student immunisation compliance process (PDF, 609.3 KB) Feb 2019 Communiqué
Chemical inventory uploading - update (PDF, 311.5 KB) Jan 2019 Memo


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Communication Date Type
Renewal of UQ electrical contractor's licence (PDF, 1 MB) Dec 2018 Communiqué
UQSafe-Lab Safety - Biosafety (PDF, 343KB) Dec 2018 Communiqué
UQSafe Field Trip - update (PDF, 272KB) Dec 2018 Communiqué
Staff Immunisation Compliance Process (PDF, 2MB) Nov 2018 Communiqué
Unsafe electrical work - update (PDF, 600KB) Nov 2018 Safety notice
Outdoor work and heat stress - reissued (PDF, 932KB) Nov 2018 Safety notice
USMG OHS induction material (PDF, 1.3KB) Nov 2018 Communiqué
Biosecurity Workshop slides (PDF, 1.3MB) Oct 2018 Communiqué
Biosafety hot topics slides (PDF, 1.5MB) Oct 2018 Communiqué
Special Studies Program leave (SSP) (PDF, 335KB) Oct 2018 Communiqué
Unlicensed electrical work (PDF, 265KB) Oct 2018 Safety notice
Q4, 2018 newsletter (PDF, 1MB) Oct 2018 Newsletter
Safe Work Month at UQ (PDF, 63KB) Sep 2018 Communiqué
Potential exposure to sharps - blade removal device (PDF, 806KB) Sep 2018 Safety notice
Immunisation compliance at UQ (PDF, 179KB) Sep 2018 Communiqué
Electric shock, damaged switch on microscope (PDF, 208KB) Aug 2018 Incident alert
Pest management (PDF, 1.5MB) Aug 2018 Safety notice
UQSafe-Field Trip update (PDF, 187KB) Aug 2018 Communiqué
New 'TAGS' column in Chemwatch (PDF, 200KB) Aug 2018 Communiqué
Q3, 2018 newsletter (PDF, 972KB) Jun 2018 Newsletter
Fire safety - ethanol fires in laboratories (PDF, 638KB) May 2018 Safety notice
Eye injuries caused by chemical splashes (PDF, 642KB) May 2018 Incident alert
Biosecurity training (PDF, 378KB) Apr 2018 Communiqué
Q2, 2018 newsletter (PDF, 1MB) Apr 2018 Newsletter
Review of the UQ professional services update (PDF, 419KB) Mar 2018 Memo
2018 Review of the model Work Health and Safety laws (PDF, 120KB) Mar 2018 Communiqué
Annual Health, Safety and Wellness management plan template (PDF, 1.1MB) Mar 2018 Communiqué
UQSafe-Lab Safety update (PDF, 453KB) Mar 2018 Communiqué
UQSafe update (PDF, 512KB) Mar 2018 Communiqué
Delegation of authority – drugs and poisons (PDF, 201KB) Feb 2018 Safety notice
Bungee cord (PDF, 654KB) Feb 2018 Incident alert
Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) (PDF, 493KB) Feb 2018 Safety notice
New arrangement for occupational-related vaccinations for UQ staff (PDF, 156KB) Feb 2018 Communiqué
Q1, 2018 newsletter (PDF, 1.1MB) Feb 2018 Newsletter
Outdoor work and heat stress (PDF, 574KB) Feb 2018 Safety notice
Smoke-free UQ 2018 (PDF, 387KB) Feb 2018 Communiqué
First aid management of anaphylaxis (PDF, 289KB) Feb 2018 Memo
Vaccination and Immunisation Procedures and Guidelines – consultation papers (PDF, 396KB) Jan 2018 Communiqué
Change of name from OHS Division to Health, Safety and Wellness Division (PDF, 509KB) Jan 2018 Memo
Approval of UQ Health, Safety and Wellness Policy (PDF, 227KB) Jan 2018 Memo
HSW Goals memo (PDF, 153KB) Jan 2018 Memo


All communications are secure – UQ staff login required.

Communication Type
December 2017: Electrical contractors renewal (PDF, 253KB) Memo
December 2017: Safety notice: Bats (PDF, 358KB) Notice
December 2017: Snorkelling guidelines consultation (PDF, 1MB) Communiqué
November 2017: Safety climate survey 1 (PDF, 354KB) Communiqué
October 2017: OHS review update 3 (PDF, 373KB) Notice
October 2017: Q4, Update (PDF, 380KB) Newsletter
October 2017: UQSafe-Field Trip management system communiqué 1 (PDF, 154KB) Notice
September 2017: Back strain from unsafe storage (PDF, 225KB) Incident alert
August 2017: OHS risk management procedure – communiqué 1 (PDF, 406KB) Notice
July 2017: OHS incident reporting database update – communiqué 8 (PDF, 352KB) Notice
July 2017: OHS risk management database update – communiqué 7 (PDF, 421KB) Notice
July 2017: Q3, Update (PDF, 599KB) Newsletter
May 2017: Hygiene practices when using shared equipment (PDF, 392KB) Safety notice
May 2017: Cryptosporidium infection (PDF, 385KB) Safety notice

May 2017: OHS Goals Report – 2016 (PDF, 822KB)

May 2017: Email about OHS Goals Report – 2016 (PDF, 104KB)

May 2017: Annual IBC biosafety update sessions (PDF, 305KB) Notice
April 2017: Q2, Update (PDF, 250KB) Newsletter
April 2017: Chemwatch chemical inventories (PDF, 375KB) Safety notice
March 2017: SCIEX – mass spectrometer pumps (PDF, 912KB) Notice
March 2017: OHS risk management database update – communiqué 6 (PDF, 369KB) Notice
March 2017: OHS prosecution and implication for risk assessment system (PDF, 117KB) Safety notice
March 2017: OHS risk management database update – communiqué 5 (PDF, 145KB) Notice
February 2017: Vaccination requirements for staff and HDR students working Queensland Health facilities (PDF, 389KB) Notice
February 2017: Changes to UQ security emergency response training (PDF, 91.8KB) Notice
February 2017: Changes to risk management training (PDF, 170KB) Notice
February 2017: Q1, Update (PDF, 502KB) Newsletter
February 2017: Syringe filter safety (PDF, 96KB) Incident alert
February 2017: Incident database – communiqué 7 (PDF, 348KB) Notice