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Laboratory biosafety

Standards and guidelines for physical containment facilities, hazardous biological material and potentially infectious microorganisms, and grey folder compliance documents.

Genetic modification

Requirements for dealing with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including obtaining approval from the Institutional Biosafety Subcommittee.

Biological permits and approvals

Permit and approval requirements for working with biological material, including potentially hazardous and high-risk biologicals.

Transport, import and export of biological materials

Requirements for transporting, importing and exporting biological materials.

UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee

Committee and Subcommittee meeting dates, members and proposal processes.


How to use the Chemwatch system to access safety data sheets and chemical inventory details.

Chemical spills, storage and waste disposal

Procedures and training for chemical spills, storage and waste disposal.

Hazardous chemicals and controlled substances

Identification, risk management, health monitoring, training and purchasing for work involving hazardous chemicals and controlled substances.

Carcinogens and highly toxic chemicals

Procedures, responsibilities and training for working with carcinogens and highly toxic chemicals, including obtaining clearance to work with prohibited and restricted carcinogens.

Drugs and poisons

Procedures and documents for working with scheduled drugs and poisons.

Radiation safety

Radiation safety procedures and guidelines, project approval processes and safety data sheets.