The UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) consists of:

  • the main committee, which meets 3 times a year
  • a subcommittee (IBSC), which meets approximately every 6 weeks.

The subcommittee assesses all proposals for dealing with genetically modified material, hazardous biological material or potentially infectious microorganisms.

Both committees are made up of:

  • experts from throughout UQ on the many areas of biological research undertaken by UQ staff and students
  • biological safety advisors to ensure compliance with legislative and UQ requirements
  • an independent member to ensure an unbiased approach.

If you work with biological material or in areas where work with biological material is being undertaken, you need to be aware of and abide by the relevant legislation, standards, procedures and guidelines that apply to you and the work you're performing. Read the Biosafety Policy [2.40.01] for more information.


Applications for approval

The subcommittee assesses all applications for dealing with genetically modified material, hazardous biological material and potentially infectious microorganisms.

Chief investigators must obtain appropriate approvals from the subcommittee before starting work.

To apply for approvals, follow the procedures for:

You must finalise your application 3 weeks before the next IBSC meeting date to guarantee it will be considered at that meeting.

Late submissions may be accepted at the IBSC Chair's discretion if there are extenuating circumstances.

Meeting dates and submission deadlines

Meeting dateSubmission deadline
1 February 20227 January 2022
15 March 202218 February 2022
26 April 20221 April 2022
7 June 202213 May 2022
19 July 202224 June 2022
30 August 20225 August 2022
11 October 202216 September 2022
22 November 202228 October 2022


NameSpecialityOrganisational unit
Associate Professor Bryan Fry (chair)Evolution of venomsSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Timothy Wells (deputy chair)Bacteria/ Lung InfectionsTranslational Research Institute and Diamantina Institute
Ms Sophie O'Neill (Secretary)Biosafety AdvisorHealth, Safety and Wellness Division
Dr Amanda Jones (IBC Secretary)Lead Biosafety AdvisorHealth, Safety and Wellness Division
Dr Victor AnggonoNeural biologyQueensland Brain Institute 
Professor Sassan AsgariInsect host-pathogen interactionsSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Andrew BrooksCytokine Receptor SignallingTranslational Research Institute and Diamantina Institute
Professor Bernard CarrollPlant biologySchool of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr Clair Bolton Independent member
Associate Professor Rowland CobboldVeterinary public health/ Bacteriology/ PathologySchool of Veterinary Sciences
Professor Ben HankamerAlgae biotechnologyInstitute for Molecular Bioscience
Associate Professor Ulrike KapplerMetabolic pathwaysSchool of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Associate Professor Katharina RonacherBacterial and Viral Respiratory PathogensMater Research Institute and Translational Research Institute
Professor Ernst WolvetangStem cell researchAustralian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Dr Nick WestTuberculosis researchSchool of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr. Peter CrispCrop genomics, epigenomics, and molecular geneticsSchool of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Professor Michael UdvardiPlant genomics, crop improvement, and molecular geneticsQueensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Main committee

The UQ Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is required to ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and standards, including:

The UQ IBC also acts as liaison between UQ researchers and the:

  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Office of the Gene Technology Regulator.

Meeting dates

  • Thursday 28 April 2022
  • Thursday 28 July 2022
  • Monday 24 October 2022


Professor Ian Henderson (Chair)Director, Institute for Molecular Bioscience 
Mr Jim Carmichael (Deputy Chair)Director, Health, Safety and Wellness Division
Dr Amanda Jones (Secretary)Biosafety Advisor, Health, Safety and Wellness representative
Ms Sophie O'Neill (observer)Biosafety Advisor
Mr Kerrin Henderson (observer)Biosafety Advisor
Professor Joanne MeersVeterinary Virology, School of Veterinary Science
Professor Jimmy BotellaPlant biotechnology, School Agricultural and Food Sciences
Associate Professor Bryan FryChair, IBC Subcommittee, School of Biological Sciences
Mr Kevin Wathen-DunnUQ-Biological Resources
Dr Amanda DinesRoyal Brisbane Women’s Hospital
Dr John KopinskiIndependent member, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Dr Tim BiffinVeterinary Officer, Office of Research Ethics
Dr. Marc Kamke Director, Research Ethics
Mr Hazem Gouda Senior Mechanical  Infrastructure Engineer, Property and Facilities

Gatton Biosecurity Advisory Committee

The Gatton Biosecurity Advisory Committee specifically considers biosafety and biosecurity issues for the Gatton campus.

Gatton staff must still apply to the UQ Institutional Biosafety Subcommittee for approvals to work with genetically modified material and potentially hazardous biological material.