Workplace health and safety issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible. If they're not, workers may be exposed to hazards.

See Resolving identified hazards for information on how to report an incident or hazard.

If you need to resolve a health, safety and wellness (HSW) issue, you should follow these steps:

  1. Communicate the issue to your supervisor, manager or head of section, detailing the nature and scope of the issue.
  2. Arrange a meeting or communication with relevant parties to discuss the issue, including:
    • the degree and immediacy of the risk to workers or other persons affected
    • the number and location of workers and other persons affected
    • the measures (temporary and permanent) to be taken to resolve the issue
    • who will be responsible for implementing the resolution measures.
  3. Carry out the resolution measures.

If the issue is resolved, a written agreement with details of the issue and resolution can be requested by any party involved.

If a written agreement is prepared, all parties must be satisfied that it reflects the resolution of the issue, and a copy of the agreement should be provided to:

  • all parties to the issue (for example, Health and Safety Representative (HSR), Work Health and Safety Coordinators (WHSC), workers in the area, and area manager)
  • the OHS Committee for the work area (if requested).

All parties may also consult with the HSR for their area – if they haven't already.

If the issue can't be resolved locally, refer it to the relevant faculty, institute or division OHS Committee to facilitate cooperation between management and workers to resolve the issue.

The Committee may also consider if the specific issue is shared by other business areas represented on the Committee.

For further information on the HSW Dispute Resolution process, please see Health and Safety Consultative Mechanisms Procedure.


If you would like to lodge a complaint regarding an HSW matter, contact the Director, Health, Safety and Wellness.

Once received, the Director will review your complaint in-line with the appropriate policy:

If you have previously lodged a complaint and are dissatisfied with how it was managed, the Current staff website provides more information about complaints and grievances resources available to you.

UQ welcomes all forms of feedback. If you would like to provide feedback about health, safety and wellness at UQ, contact Health, Safety and Wellness.