1. Determine your office relocation type

There are 2 types of office relocations:

  • small-scale relocations within the organisational unit's allocated space, usually for a small number of people, and their furniture or equipment moving from 1 location to another
  • large-scale office and laboratory relocations that are part of Property and Facilities (P&F) construction projects, which are known as 'Move Management moves'.

Small-scale relocations

These moves are typically carried out within your organisational unit's allocated space and are managed internally by your organisational unit.

If you need help with your small-scale office move, you can contact P&F, or find out more about moving and organising furniture and people on a small scale.

Large-scale project-based relocations (Move Management)

Office and laboratory relocations are large-scale moves that are part of a Property and Facilities construction project are known as Move Management moves. The move management approval and implementation process dashboard (PDF, 390KB) is a workflow guide to moving your office as part of a P&F project. Use this guide to assist your team prepare for either relocating your office to:

  • a temporary (decanting) space for the duration of a refurbishment project
  • newly refurbished or newly allocated space.

Your area will need to nominate a Client Relocation Coordinator (CRC) to be the main contact and liaison with P&F.