Contact PF Assist to:

  • find out the cleaning schedule for your building
  • log a cleaning request
  • get more information about the scope of cleaning.

Non-scheduled cleaning

This covers cleaning which needs to be dealt with quickly for occupational health and safety reasons, such as water leaks, large spills, broken glass.

If your request is urgent, call PF Assist on (07) 3365 2222.

P&F pays for:

  • response cleans: situations which require an immediate response such as broken glass, large water spills, or anything that presents an occupational health and safety risk
  • spot cleaning of carpet: small spills that require a quick response to prevent staining, such as coffee, food, toner
  • office cleanouts: as staff (up to a maximum of 10 people) and furniture is moved from one office space to another. This does not include periodic cleans.

The building occupant pays for:

  • fridge and microwave cleaning: completed either at regular intervals or as required, charged at the current hourly rate
  • window coverings (blinds and curtains): completed as required, price will be quoted for each job
  • office cleanouts where more than 10 people are involved or affected.

Scheduled cleaning

The cleaning scope (PDF, 524KB) details the cleaning tasks for each space. If the cleaning scope is not being followed in your space, log a request.


Cleaning is concentrated in 2 periods:

  • 6am to 10am
  • 6pm to 10pm.

Standard cleaning is undertaken Monday to Friday. Some areas will differ slightly according to the schedule for the building, but generally the schedule is:

  • 6am to 10am for areas of high occupancy and use (lecture theatres, seminar rooms and meeting rooms, foyers and toilets in highly trafficked areas). Cleaning of all teaching spaces is completed before classes.
  • 10am to 2pm for areas of lower occupancy and use (offices, corridors, staff common rooms and toilets)
  • 6pm to 10pm for high risk and high use areas.


The table below outlines the standard cleaning frequencies for different spaces across UQ.


Standard frequency

Offices (including office rubbish bins)


Toilets, showers and change rooms


Classrooms and seminar rooms

1 to 2 times a week, depending on use

Kitchens and common rooms


Meeting rooms




Lecture theatres


Store rooms


Photocopy rooms


Internal public areas

Depends on individual building schedule


Daily or weekly, depending on use

24/7 student learning centres

3 times a week





Building externals


Seating and outdoor furniture in external areas (Campbell Place, Great Court, Mansfield Place, bus stops, Staff House Road)

Daily or weekly, depending on use

Annual cleaning services

At the end of each year, the Building Services Officers (BSO):

  • audits all student focused spaces
  • prioritises the cleaning requirements
  • develops the periodic cleaning schedule for the next year.

P&F pays for these cleaning services:

  • carpeted floors and vinyl in student focused areas such as libraries and learning centres, centrally controlled lecture theatres, public areas, public hallways and public foyers, non-research laboratories
  • upholstered furniture in student areas only (libraries, learning centres)
  • external windows
  • internal windows in student focused areas such as libraries and learning centres, centrally controlled lecture theatres, public areas, public hallways and public foyers, and other areas identified by BSO
  • new shower curtains as required.

The building occupant pays for these services:

  • carpeted floors and vinyl in office areas, meeting rooms, seminar rooms (not centrally controlled), clinics, research laboratories, institutes, non-UQ leased spaces, other, non-defined space, furniture outside of student focused areas
  • upholstered furniture in any area which is not a student area
  • internal windows in any area which is not a student area
  • external windows in any area where the building occupant opts out of the periodical clean, and where the windows have not been cleaned within a 3 year period.

Laboratory cleaning

Only laboratories which have completed the annual PF118 Hazards in Laboratories Form (PDF, 23KB) will be cleaned. This must be done by the laboratory manager or authorised organisational unit representative.

The cleaners undertake a general laboratory induction prior to working in any laboratories at UQ and undertake cleaning according to a specific scope of work.

If your laboratory has special requirements and requires the cleaners to undertake a site-specific induction prior to cleaning, include this on the PF118 Hazards in Laboratories Form (PDF, 23KB) so that the induction can be arranged.

Guidelines for building occupants and cleaning staff

The cleaners must be able to undertake their tasks quickly and efficiently and building occupants must allow cleaners the time required to clean their personal office spaces.

Generally this only takes a few moments on a weekly basis. If you are busy, let the cleaner know when they can return and complete cleaning your space within the timeframe they are in your area. If they cannot get to your space in the allocated time, your space will not be cleaned for another week.