5. Make your move

Your guide move date will become confirmed once the P&F Construction Project Manager is happy that the completion of work is on schedule.

The most popular move day is Friday to minimise disruption.

Viewing new offices before the move

You can view temporary offices by speaking to the DM.

You can view new offices by speaking to your Construction Project Manager.

Making arrangements

  • Photocopier: contact your service provider to arrange the relocation to the new office on the move date provided by the DM. You may arrange in advance for this to happen on the day of the move.
  • Staff security: arrange the necessary changes to swipe card access.
  • Safes: contact P&F Assist to arrange to remove any wall mounted key safes.
  • Appliances: if you wish to keep your fridge, dishwasher or other appliances, talk to the DM during the planning stage.
  • Recycling bins: order recycle bins by emailing pfassist@pf.uq.edu.au with the number required and delivery date.
  • Lift closure: on the day of the move, the DM will arrange for the lift to be keyed off from non-moving use and the removalists will post apology notices on each level. You should notify the other residents of the building that the lift will be out of use during this time.

Mail Room

Contact the UQ Mail Room at mailroom@pf.uq.edu.au to notify them of your permanent relocation. Mark where you would like the mail drop point to be on the plans of your new layout.


Phones are handled through ITS VoiceOps. All arrangements with ITS VoiceOps are coordinated through the DM.

Once you have completed the move schedule, you will automatically be contacted by ITS VoiceOps to confirm details of your phone requirements. If you require new handsets or numbers, raise a works order and note the order on the move schedule.

When completing the moves schedule, include only phones that need to be moved.

After you've moved into your new office space, you can go back to contacting ITS and VoiceOps through the ITS Service Desk.

Records management

Contact Records Management Service if you would like help assessing your files.

Temporary moves

Pre-move cleaning

A special clean will be carried out before you move in to the temporary space. This will include:

  • carpet
  • ledges
  • furniture.

Announcing the relocation

Temporary moves are not suitable for site-wide announcements on PF Assist, as they are limited to information that may affect all readers. You should notify stakeholders that you are moving through email, phone and other channels. The Mail Room does not advise announcing the address of your temporary office as this may cause confusion in the distribution centre.

Additional signs can be organised at your own expense. The DM can arrange for the P&F Officer for Signage to contact you to arrange a quote.


Your Key Custodian should keep hold of the keys to your current building.

When you move into your temporary building, the DM will provide the keys to your Key Custodian shortly before your move. Your Key Custodian will need to return the keys to the DM when you move back to your permanent space.


After you've moved, complete the Move Management feedback form to provide feedback about how your move went. P&F use this feedback to improve the Move Management service.