3. Develop your relocation timelines

Move processes must follow a timeline in order to stay on budget and move on time.

We will hold an initial meeting with you, to run through the brief and the process. Once done, the Client Relocation Coordinator (CRC) will be given access to a project file that contains the moves schedule template and floor layouts that are relevant for your move.

You will be given a guide move date. You should plan to move on this date. A confirmed move date will be provided once the P&F Construction Project Manager is happy that the completion of work is on schedule.

6 to 8 weeks before

Nominate your CRC.

Notify the Decanting Manager (DM) you plan to move and meet at your office to run through the moves process, including:

  • creating office layouts
  • the move schedule template
  • your equipment, phones, furniture and keys.

4 weeks before

Submit move details to P&F no later than 4 weeks before the planned move date.

Complete the move schedule template. The move schedule should contain as much information as possible, including:

  • names and phone numbers of staff who are expected to move
  • current and new desk locations
  • computer and phone
  • general equipment, such fax, printers and photocopiers, multi- function device (MFD) and TV
  • storage you will need
  • estimated quantity of packing boxes needed
  • move dates
  • desk location numbers, especially where there is more than 1 desk in a room
  • drawings of your current and new office layouts, which will be provided where required
  • your group’s VLAN (Virtual Local Area Number), usually made up of 4 numbers
  • the name of your Desktop Support representative from ITS (if you have one)
  • the name of your Key Custodian.

Notify the DM by email that the move schedule template has been completed. The DM will raise any concerns. The move schedule and floor plan of the new layout will be updated and emailed to you for final approval. A package containing your information will be issued to the P&F Relocation team, which includes the removalists, Voice Ops, Cleaning, ITS and Desktop Support.

2 weeks before

The last date for schedule changes is 2 weeks before the scheduled move date. Further change requests will need to wait until after your move.

Contact the removalists directly to arrange delivery of your packing boxes. Decide on the delivery location before calling them.

Consult the Manual Tasks Relocation or Refurbishment of Workplace Guidelines [2.50.02] to avoid injury while packing, moving and setting up new workstations.