2. Nominate a Client Relocation Coordinator

The Client Relocation Coordinator (CRC) works with the P&F Decanting Manager (DM) to communicate accurately and clearly with the UQ Relocation Team.

The CRC role assists P&F in relocating everything that has been authorised to be moved from the current building into the new building within the budget and timeline.

The CRC’s role:

  • represent the organisational unit during the office move
  • work with the DM to compile and update move paperwork, such as move schedule templates, layout plans, contact details and move programs
  • work with stakeholders, such as senior staff, equipment custodians, academics and officer managers, to create new office layout
  • update stakeholders on a regular basis
  • answer the DM’s questions
  • meet with the P&F Relocation Team
  • attend ad hoc meetings and site visits of current and new buildings arranged by the DM
  • act as the Key Custodian of all rooms being cleared.