4. Arrange your packing

You must arrange for all items to be packed and moved, including computers, phones, printers, faxes and the contents of storage units.

Once the move schedule is approved, you can decide how many boxes you need and where you want them to be delivered. You can have them delivered to multiple locations if necessary.

Contact the removalists directly to order boxes at least 2 weeks before your move date. Boxes will be delivered within 2 weeks of your move.

Packing boxes

Packing boxes come in 3 sizes:

  • carton 390mm x 300cmm x 450mm (for carrying books or if floors don’t have access to lifts)
  • standard carton 400mm x 400mm x 600mm
  • plastic crate 600mm x 380mm x 330mm (lidded which can be secured using cable ties).

While packing, remember:

  • Do not overpack boxes. Boxes should not bulge. Close top flaps flat.
  • Do not fill large boxes full of heavy items such as books and files as they can be too heavy for the removalist to safely carry.
  • Fold small flaps first, then large flaps. Place 2 strips of tape across the bottom seam and 1 strip across the top seam.
  • Clearly label boxes with your name and the room number at the new office. You can add a short description of contents.
  • Everything that can fit into a box should go in a box, except for your computer and phone.

If you receive plastic crates, you can read the Goals A+N plastic crate packing instructions (PDF, 426KB).

Computers, phones, printers and faxes

To safely and securely pack your computers, phones, printers and faxes:

  1. Disconnect your PC and phone from the power and data outlets.
  2. Place all cables into a small carton that will be provided, along with your desk accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and charger. Label the box 'CPU CABLES'.
  3. Leave your computer monitor, tower and phone on your desk for the removalists to pack. Label each of them with your name, new floor number and new room number.
  4. Label printers and faxes with the CRC's name, new floor number and new room number. Leave them where they are.

Label formatting

You can requests labels from the removalists at the same time as your boxes. On each label, write:Labels can be supplied by the removalists upon request onto which you write:

  • your name: IN CAPITALS
  • where to: building number-room number-desk number (e.g. 42-138-12, as shown on the move schedule and floor plan).

Temporary storage

Items and boxes may be temporarily stored while refurbishment is being carried out. Clearly label the side of items and boxes with.

  • store: building number-room number
  • your name: IN CAPITALS
  • where from: building number-room number
  • final destination: building number-room number-desk number (new layout should be used if you know where you will be sitting).