Property and Facilities (P&F) is responsible for the procurement of all loose items of furniture.

P&F work closely with their suppliers to ensure the furniture items are compliant with Australian Standards and come with extended warranties. Only UQ staff can purchase furniture through P&F. Furniture is not for public purchase.

The Furniture Section offers a range of services for the UQ community, including:

  • procurement of loose items of furniture such as chairs, desks, tables, mobile cabinets, filing cabinets and kitchen appliances
  • providing soft furnishings, such as blackout roller blinds, for offices and centrally controlled teaching rooms
  • organising work area furnishings such as task lighting and lockers
  • arranging delivery and placement of furniture for projects in accordance with building programs
  • repairs and replacement of used furniture
  • organising tenders for various projects
  • arranging suppliers who can assist with internal design and decoration for various projects.

Visit the furniture showroom by appointment. Contact the Furniture Section to arrange a time.

Ordering new furniture

You must purchase all seating and furniture to be used at the University from the selection offered by Property and Facilities Furniture as per the Selection and Purchase of Seating and Furniture Procedures [2.50.04].

To order furniture, choose your items from the UQeMarket. If an item is not available on UQeMarket, email the Furniture Section.

Furniture Section will then email you a quote and a request for internal services quote (RISQ) form for authorisation of the order.

Moving furniture and equipment

You must take into account health and safety regulations for manual handling when moving furniture and equipment. If you need assistance in moving furniture or equipment, you should use UQ's approved contractor, We Move All. We Move All has completed UQ's health and safety inductions and are available on campus 5 days a week.

They offer:

  • furniture disposal
  • second-hand furniture storage
  • furniture and equipment moving
  • rubbish removal
  • storage facility
  • furniture assembly and disassembly.

Contact We Move All by email or phone for a response within 24 hours.

The UQ rate for 2 men and a truck is $110 per hour including GST. We Move All can bill your department directly using their vendor ID. They also accept credit cards.

Disposing of old, unwanted and broken furniture

Unused or unwanted furniture does not have to go to waste. There are several places you can send your old furniture so it can be used by other members of the UQ community. UQ WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) can be used to post and claim unwanted usable furniture and equipment from UQ schools and centres for work purposes.

You can view a selection of second-hand furniture in person at the Second-Hand Furniture Store located in the Seddon Building (Building 82E) on St Lucia campus. The store is open Thursdays from 10:30am to 12pm. You can then claim any wanted items through UQ WARPit.

Non-compliant, broken or unusable furniture can be sent to Brisbane City Council's resource recovery centres using the UQ removalist contractor, We Move All.