Ordering new furniture

To order furniture, choose your items from UQeMarket.

Contact your relevant HSW representative if you are unsure about ergonomics and design, or if you need specialised furniture.

Property and Facilities are in process of consolidating furniture suppliers to align with the whole-of-government supply. This supply agreement will live in UQeMarket to provide the best value to UQ, deliver a diverse range of suppliers and provide greater choice in ergonomics.

Moving furniture and equipment

You must take into account health and safety regulations for manual handling when moving furniture and equipment.

If you need help moving furniture or equipment, use one of UQ's approved contractors:

They offer:

  • office furniture fit-out
  • office relocations
  • disposal of furniture assets
  • asset management of repurposed furniture
  • library relocations
  • equipment relocation, including heavy or large item relocations
  • rubbish removal
  • storage facility.

Disposing of old, unwanted and broken furniture

Unused or unwanted furniture does not have to go to waste. There are several places you can send your old furniture so it can be used by other members of the UQ community.

You can use UQ WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) to post and claim unwanted usable furniture and equipment from UQ schools and centres for work purposes.

You can view a selection of second-hand furniture in person at the Second-Hand Furniture Store located in the Seddon Building (Building 82E) on St Lucia campus. The store is open Thursdays from 10.30am to 12pm. You can then claim any wanted items through UQ WARPit.

Non-compliant, broken or unusable furniture can be sent to Brisbane City Council's resource recovery centres using any of the UQ approved contractors.