What is a study profile?

The 'Study profile' content type is used on school websites to provide an overview of teaching areas in the school. Each study profile page displays a list of all other study profiles on the same site at the top of the page.

Content can be tailored for undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research students.

See a study profile page

Use a study profile to:

  • provide a summary of specific teaching areas in a school.

Don't use a study profile to:

  • list program information that belongs on the Future Students website.
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How to create a study profile

Study profiles can be created, edited and deleted by:

  • editors
  • site coordinators.

Once you log in to your website:

  1. Hover over the Drupal 'Content' menu, and then go to 'Add content' > 'Study profile'.
  2. Enter a title and a short introduction.
  3. Select your preferred page structure from the 'View mode selector' drown-down menu.
  4. Click the 'Add a new paragraph' button to add your first section of content. Click the 'Add another paragraph' button to add more sections.
  5. Add a teaser image.
  6. Tag the study profile with relevant taxonomy terms.
  7. Click the 'Publish' button to save and publish the study profile.
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Best practice

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Fill in all required fields and as many optional fields as possible to provide the best user experience.

Field name

Required field?




Page title and H1 for the study profile.



Displays a short introduction with general information.

View mode selector


Allows you to structure the content in different forms. Use this for longer pages.

Teaser image


Displays image on teaser and card views.

Hero image


Replaces the default page header with a hero banner header.



Used for content that is related to the body content such as reminders or contact details.



Allows the page to be tagged with relevant taxonomy terms.

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