This guide is for Drupal 7 (UQ Standard) sites.
If you're working on a site built in the new version of Drupal (Study and Scholarships), see content types on new Drupal.

In Drupal, 'content types' have pre-defined fields and fixed layouts, which helps create a consistent user experience across our websites.

Most of the pages you see on a website are a combination of different content types. Go to your site's Drupal 'Content' menu to see a full list of content types available on your site.

Content types are also called 'nodes' or 'node pages'.

Available content types on Drupal 7 sites

Each UQ Standard site has only the required content types enabled. If you need an additional content type for your site, submit an IT request to have it switched on. Please include the reason why you need it in your request.

These are all the content types available: