Software that is currently available at UQ is listed in UQ's Standard Software Catalogue, and you must check the catalogue first before obtaining additional software.

The standard software catalogue also provides information on purchasing, installation and usage restrictions. If you can’t find the software you need in the catalogue, read the information below to acquire additional software.

Requirements for obtaining new software

You must comply with UQ’s Software Acquisition and Use Procedure, and the ICT Procurement Framework (PDF, 620.6 KB) when obtaining new software. This applies even if the software is free or cloud-based (e.g. via web browser). Specifically, the following requirements apply:

  • You must use the low-risk licence review checklist (DOCX, 86.7 KB) to review any software terms and ensure that they are fit for purpose. Contact ICT Procurement for support.
  • Software terms are contracts, and only the appropriate Contract Delegate or Sub-Delegate can accept software terms for UQ. Complete the ICT contract and procurement brief (DOCX, 97.6 KB) and submit with the software terms to the ICT Procurement team (at who will organise contract acceptance.
  • You must comply with all usage restrictions, licence conditions, purchasing and installation requirements for any software that you acquire.

Contact ICT Procurement (at for guidance, support, and advice on obtaining new software.

If acquiring new software, ITS Customer Support Services (or local IT support) will not be able to provide user support (e.g. how to use the software) unless this is agreed and resourced during the procurement process.

Additional instructions for requesting software are listed below and are dependent on the type of software you need.

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