Software that is currently available at UQ is listed on UQ's Standard Software Catalogue. The process for buying and requesting software depends on the exact program you want to use.

Once you have chosen your software from the catalogue, you'll need to buy it according to the method listed under 'Purchase' in the catalogue table.

Some programs are available free-of-charge to UQ staff. This is the software that is listed as 'Free,' 'Centrally funded' or 'Funded site licence' under 'Purchase'. Most free, centrally funded and funded site licence software is available as self-install software from Microsoft's Software Center or Mac Self Service on your UQ computer.

If you want to procure a cloud application, see our advice on procuring secure cloud applications

Before you purchase software, make sure you have appropriate authorisation from your supervisor or finance officer.

Purchasing software through UQeMarket

Organisational units can buy licenses for many commonly used programs by submitting an order through UQeMarket. This software is listed as 'Purchase through UQeMarket' under 'Purchase' in the catalogue table.

For more information on how to access and use UQeMarket, see the instructions for UQeMarket purchases.

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Requesting a quote from a UQ-preferred software supplier

If you want to purchase software that isn't listed in the Standard Software Catalogue or the software is listed as 'Request a quote' under the Purchase heading, you can request a software quote from UQ's preferred software supplier by completing a Request for Software Quote Form (PDF, 883.4 KB).

  • If you're using Safari or Internet Explorer, click on the link to fill out the form in your browser.
  • If you're using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, download the form to your computer and open Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro to complete it. Submit it by selecting 'Click to submit via email' at the bottom of the form, which will send it as an attachment to our software supplier.

Provide as much information as possible on the form to help the supplier give you a quote for the correct license.

Once the supplier has provided a quote, you can raise a special request purchase in UniFi. Include these details in your UniFi order:

  • account code 700980
  • the software product part number or SKU (stock keeping unit) in the 'Supplier Item ID' field
  • the product name, edition (Standard/Pro/Premium) and version number, such as 'Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 15' in the 'Item Description' field
  • these details in the 'Additional Information' field:
    • the names of the staff members who will use the software
    • the computer names where the program will be installed
    • the location of the computer (building and room)
    • a contact phone number.

If the supplier cannot provide the software, they will direct you to another supplier who can.

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Purchasing software with your UQ credit card

Some software can only be purchased by credit card, although this is not UQ's preferred method. If you need to make a credit card purchase, you must record these details so the purchase can be recorded in the ITAM system:

  • account code 700980
  • the software product part number or SKU (stock keeping unit)
  • the product name, edition (Standard/Pro/Premium) and version number, such as 'Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 15'
  • the number of licenses required
  • the names of the staff members who will use the software
  • the computer name where the program will be installed
  • the physical location of the computer (building and room)
  • the software serial number (if applicable).

When you reconcile the credit card statement in the ProMaster Expense Management System, enter:

  • the software product details in the 'Description' field
  • all other details in the 'Purpose' field.
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Requesting UQ-wide software

If you want to purchase software for use across UQ, submit an IT request.

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Requesting software for a computer lab

Academic staff can request to have software installed in ITS-managed computer labs. The software must be required on at least 10 computers.

You need to submit your request at least 2 weeks before the software is needed. Installation time can vary depending on whether ITS have an existing package for the software. Trial versions and demo software will be assessed by ITS and may not be installed.

Submit an IT request and include:

  • the course code or workshop reference
  • the computer lab you want the software installed in (building and room number)
  • the name of the software
  • a link to the software, or details of where it’s available
  • whether the software requires a licence to use or is centrally funded by UQ. Check the Standard Software Catalogue for licensing details of software that is already available at UQ
  • when the software will be used. 

Students who would like software added to computer labs should contact their course coordinator.

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Requesting help or advice from ITS

If you need software or if you want more information about accessing and installing software, contact ITS:

  • if your question is about centrally funded software, or you're from an organisational unit supported by ITS, submit an IT request
  • if your organisational unit is not supported by ITS, contact your local IT support team.
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