There are steps you can take to ensure you use cloud applications safely.

Cloud applications, or Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, are software and services that are hosted via remote external servers and accessed through your web browser, instead of locally on your computer.

Using a cloud application means you:

  • don’t have to worry about storage limits on your computer
  • can share information between devices and people
  • don’t have to manage software installations and updates.

When using a cloud application, you’re entrusting the application provider to hold and secure any information processed using that application. Cloud applications can carry legal, data privacy and cyber security risks which must be assessed and managed.

Follow our guidelines to help you use cloud applications safely.

Use UQ-approved applications

UQ has licences for many cloud applications and desktop software.These applications have been carefully selected and integrated with other UQ systems to ensure they are secure and generally support UQ’s work processes and security standards.

See our advice on protecting your files for a list of UQ-approved cloud storage applications.

If you’re not sure whether UQ has an application that fulfils your requirements, submit an IT request for advice. If you need to acquire new software (including cloud and free software) visit the Purchasing or requesting software page for more information. 

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Consider information security

Consider the information to be stored or processed by the application. The information within systems and software are assets of the University and must be managed accordingly.

Before using a UQ-approved cloud application to process or store information classified as ‘Protected’, submit an IT request for advice.

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