Use the expense management system EMS ProMaster, and the mobile app ExpenseMe, to:

  • upload receipts
  • claim expense reimbursements
  • claim domestic travel allowance
  • process corporate credit card transactions.

You can claim cash advances through EMS ProMaster, but not ExpenseMe.

Accessing EMS ProMaster

If you are a UQ staff member or a scholarship recipient with an Aurion Employee ID, you'll automatically have access to EMS ProMaster. You should always use EMS ProMaster for all claims, including those with expenses incurred up to 1 year in the past. Do not use the manual forms to make expense claims.

Non-staff, including contractors, students and volunteers, do not have access to EMS ProMaster. You must continue to use the existing expense claim processes available from the Expense Claims Procedures and Forms [9.10.05].

Access to EMS ProMaster using your UQ username and password. Email the Expense Management team at if you need to reactivate your ProMaster account. 

Log in to EMS ProMaster

Using the ExpenseMe app

The free ExpenseMe app is suitable for both iPhone and Android smartphones. You can download the ExpenseMe app from the App store or Google Play.

ExpenseMe allows you to:

  • capture images of receipts
  • reconcile simple corporate credit card transactions
  • submit expense claims immediately.

Be careful when using ExpenseMe overseas, as accessing the app uses mobile data. If you don't want to use your mobile data, take a photo of the receipt on your device and then upload it to the app when you have access to wifi.

Refer to the Set up ExpenseMe for ProMaster Quick Reference Guide (QRG) to reset your temporary password for the ExpenseMe app.

Corporate credit card transactions

Cardholders will need to reconcile their own credit card transactions. Take training to learn how to upload a receipt or process a credit card transaction.

Reconciling your receipts

You can upload receipts and process credit card transactions through:

See the Corporate Credit Cards Procedures and Forms [9.10.09] for more information.

Expense claims

All expense claims for staff need to be submitted in EMS ProMaster.

Others, including contractors, students and volunteers (without an Aurion profile), use the expense claim forms available from Expense Claims Procedures and Forms [9.10.05].

Payment dates

Expense claims that are fully approved in EMS before 5pm are posted into UniFi overnight. Then, the payment to your bank account is scheduled for the next available payment run - these are done every Monday and Wednesday (except public holidays).

Proof of payment

Proof of payment needs to be a valid tax invoice or receipt showing the total amount paid and method of payment. Failing that, supporting documentation such as a copy of the transaction on a bank statement is acceptable. A booking confirmation is not proof of payment.

Once you have submitted a legible copy of your proof of payment, you should maintain a physical copy for two days to ensure the documents have been successfully backed up. After two days physical copies can be discarded.

International transaction fees

International transaction fees are handled by EMS ProMaster and will be paid centrally by UQ. These charges do not need to be reconciled.


If your area operates a CabCharge account and distributes CabCharge eTickets, they can continue to do so.

Travel allowances

If you're a staff member, you can apply for a travel allowance for domestic and international travel through EMS ProMaster. You will be paid via your personal bank account for meals and incidentals per overnight stay while on UQ business travel.

Once approved, the travel allowance is released from EMS ProMaster 7 days before your departure. For example, if your departure date was 20 October, the allowance would be released on 13 October. Then, the payment to your bank account is scheduled for the next available payment run - these are done every Monday and Wednesday (except public holidays).

Find out more about paying for travel through UQ Travel.

You can also learn more about Travel Cards Procedures and Forms [9.10.10].

Booking travel

Find out more about booking travel through UQ Travel.

Support and training

Visit EMS interactive online training for step-by-step training assistance. You can also download quick reference guides within the EMS interactive online training.