WebPrISM allows UQ staff to manage local staff and student UQ sign-on accounts.

You can use WebPrISM to:

  • search for and create new UQ accounts
  • view email addresses
  • change passwords for users
  • print new UQ account letters.

The WebPrISM dashboard provides instructions on how to complete most common WebPrISM functions.

Log in to WebPrISM

Getting access to WebPrISM

Different levels of access in WebPrISM give permission to use different functions for set user groups. Have your supervisor or local WebPrISM administrator submit an IT request to request access for you and give details about what kind of access you will need.

If you want to maintain the WebPrISM user list for your organisational unit, you can apply to become a WebPrISM administrator using the application for WebPrISM administrator access form (PDF, 109KB).

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