Out of office messages (automatic replies)

How to set up out of office automatic replies in Outlook and webmail.

Storage and archiving emails

How to archive emails in Outlook for Windows.

Import or export emails, calendars and contacts

How to import and export (backup) emails in Outlook in Windows and macOS.

Adding a shared mailbox to your Outlook

Shared mailboxes allow multiple users to access the same inbox for sending and receiving mail under the same name.

Request a new shared mailbox for your team

New shared mailboxes can only be requested by School Managers or team leaders.

Forwarding staff email to a non-UQ address

How to forward your UQ email to a non-UQ address.

Keeping staff email after you leave UQ

Eligibility for keeping your UQ account (including email) after you leave UQ.

Improving Outlook speed and performance

How to save a copy of your email inbox locally to speed up search time.