Time sheets allow staff to record:

  • hours worked
  • leave taken
  • voluntary banked time or flexitime as applicable.

Casual staff

If you are an academic or professional staff member employed on a casual basis at any level, you need to keep a record of your hours worked through MyAurion-TimeKeeper. You can find training material on how to use MyAurion in the Systems Training Hub (UQ login required).

If you have been paid incorrectly, whether this is an overpayment or underpayment, staff members and their supervisor will need to complete the Casual Salary Adjustment Form and submit to our Salary and Benefits Team via email payroll@uq.edu.au. 

For information on clauses specific to Casual Professional staff members in The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2018-2021, please see this helpful guide

Fixed-term and continuing staff

HEW Level 1 to 7

You must complete a timesheet if you are a professional staff member at HEW Level 1 to 7.

Download the 2023 timesheet (XLSX, 688.4 KB)

When you start your employment with UQ, your supervisor will discuss your hours of work with you.

Under the Attendance, Hours of Work and Overtime (Professional Staff) Procedures [5.55.05], you can apply to work these flexible working hours:

  • 9-day fortnight
  • 19-day month
  • flexitime
  • voluntary banked time.

Find out more about flexible working options

See section 4.1 of the Attendance, Hours of Work and Overtime (Professional Staff) Procedures [5.55.05], for more information about timesheets for standard and flexible work hours.

Storing and Approving Timesheets

Supervisor/Authorised officers should be reviewing and approving timesheets on a fortnightly basis. Staff attendance records, including records of overtime, must be retained in organisational units for audit purposes for seven years. This is to be maintained locally between you and your supervisor, you do not need to submit to HR. Please speak to your supervisor about what the local arrangements are for your organisation unit.

Please refer to the Digitally Sign PDFs webpage for instructions on how to:

  1. Create your digital signature
  2. Prepare your PDF timesheet for signature 
  3. Digitally sign PDF timesheet

Please note that you will be required to use Acrobat DC Pro to digitally sign a PDF. 

The Adobe software webpage can help you with installing Acrobat and other Adobe products on your computer through Software Centre (Windows) or Self Service (Mac).

Academic staff, and HEW Level 8 and above

You do not have to complete a time sheet if you are:

  • a professional staff member at HEW levels 8 and above
  • an academic staff member.


Overtime must be pre-approved by your supervisor before you work the overtime hours.

There are different requirements for overtime for different levels of staff. To find out about the requirements for overtime, see the:

See section 4.1.3 of the Attendance, Hours of Work and Overtime (Professional Staff) Procedures [5.55.05] for more information about submitting an overtime claim form (PDF, 1.5MB) once your overtime has been approved and you have completed the hours.

Time Off-In-Lieu  (TOIL)

Professional staff (HEW Level 1 - 7) may request to take TOIL instead of receiving an overtime payment for an approved period of overtime, subject to approval by the Authorised Officer (specified in the HR Sub-delegations Instrument).

In accordance with the Enterprise Agreement, TOIL will be calculated at the value of the appropriate overtime rate applicable to the hours of overtime worked.

Staff (HEW Level 1 - 7) may accumulate up to a maximum of five working days as TOIL at any time (pro-rata for part time staff).

Staff who have accumulated TOIL must be afforded the opportunity to take it within 3 months from the time of accrual at a time mutually agreed between staff and the Authorised Officer.

Flexi-time and Voluntary Banked Time (VBT)

The Attendance, Hours of Work and Overtime (Professional Staff) Procedure [5.55.05]  provides information relating to the requirements on the use of Flexi-time and Voluntary Banked Time (VBT) for Professional Staff HEW 1-7.  Flexi-time and VBT should only be used where there is a genuine requirement and prior approval from your supervisor to work additional hours in order to meet a peak in workload, or to assist you to balance your work commitments and personal circumstances where it is of mutual benefit. 

Please see a summary below for the options for flexible working hours, please note a staff member can only engage in either Flexi-time or Voluntary Banked Time arrangements, not both at the same time:

  • Staff may work 40 hours 30 mins per week or 145 hours per four (4) weeks, with a maximum hours per day of nine (9) hours. 
  • Staff may accumulate a maximum of four (4) hours of flexi-time in any one (1) week period and should only carry over a balance of 7 hours 15 minutes each fortnight unless pre-approved.
Voluntary Banked Time
  • Staff may work 45 hours 15 mins per week or 942 hours 30 mins per 26 weeks, with a maximum hours per day of nine (9) hours.  
  • Staff may accumulate a maximum of nine (9) hours VBT credit in any one (1) period and should not accumulate a VBT balance in excess of 36 ¼ hours unless pre-approved.

These flexible options are not automatically available to staff members and should be requested via a Flexible Work - Request Flexi-time or VBT request in Workday.