Salary packaging is a voluntary arrangement where future cash salary is repackaged into a combination of cash and non-cash benefits to suit your needs.

Salary packaging is available to all full-time and part-time UQ employees.

Salary Packaging Participation Agreement

If you decide to enter into a salary packaging arrangement, you will be asked to agree to the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement. If you accept this, you are agreeing that:

  • the Employer is The University of Queensland
  • the applicant is you, the Employee
  • you have read, understood and accept the offer of salary packaging on the terms and conditions contained within the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement
  • the duly authorised person signing on behalf of the Employer is the University's Chief Operating Officer.

Before you purchase any products, consult with the salary packaging providers to ensure that you have set up an account for salary packaging and that your purchase meets the criteria.

Available salary packaging options

RemServ or SmartSalary options

UQ uses the Queensland Government salary packaging scheme through 2 salary packaging providers:

You should obtain quotes from both salary packaging providers before agreeing to participate in a salary packaging arrangement.

Options available for salary packaging:

  • airport lounge membership
  • bus travel to and from work via TransLink's Bus Travel Benefit Card
  • computer software (purchased with a portable electronic device)
  • portable electronic devices (primarily for use in your employment)
  • professional association membership fees or subscriptions (work related)
  • professional development expenses (related to current employment activities)
  • work uniforms (ATO conditions apply).

Changing providers

You can only have an agreement with one salary packaging provider at a time. Each year there are designated periods where you can choose to change providers if the pricing or services suit your needs better. You can't change providers outside these times.

Dates and other details for these transition periods are published here when they're available.

Motor vehicle novated leases

The Queensland Government's standing officer arrangement (SOA) has recently been updated and has a panel of suppliers you may choose from when:

  • establishing a new novated lease
  • refinancing an existing lease.

A group of companies make up the Queensland Government SOA panel of suppliers for motor vehicle novated leases:

This SOA does not cover:

  • financial advice
  • car procurement services
  • vehicle insurance
  • other products associated with a novated lease.

You can obtain these items through the novated leasing supplier independent of the SOA or through an external third party.

You will also need a salary packaging administrator (RemServ or Smartsalary) to coordinate the payroll deductions and payments to the novated lease supplier.

UQ-administrated options


Superannuation is a form of long-term saving where you and your employer make mandatory contributions to provide income during retirement or in case of permanent or temporary disablement. UQ's superannuation provider is UniSuper.

Once you have decided how you want to contribute to your superannuation using salary packaging, download the:

For more information read about superannuation at UQ.

University car parking

University car parking permit fees can be salary packaged without imposing fringe benefits tax (FBT).

Off-site car parking

You can salary package pre-paid weekly, fortnightly and monthly parking ticket costs at the:

  • Princess Alexandra (PA) Hospital - Buranda multi-level parking and PA Parking
  • Mater Hospital - Raymond Terrace
  • Wesley Hospital - multi-level parking
  • Translational Research Institute (TRI)
  • St Leo's College.

You must work at the PA, Wesley, Mater or TRI in order to salary package parking costs at those locations.

Applying for off-site car parking salary packaging

To apply for salary packaged parking costs at these locations:

  1. Purchase your weekly, fortnightly or monthly parking ticket (PA, Mater, Wesley and TRI).
  2. Collate official tax invoices for your purchase (invoices must not be older than 2 months when submitted).
  3. Complete a salary packaging of parking costs form (PDF, 650.3 KB) and attach scanned copies of the original tax invoices.
  4. Submit the form and invoices as per the details on the form.

The University applies a 2% administration fee.

Reportable fringe benefits

Reportable fringe benefits (RFB) tax from salary packaging is included in a number of income tests, government benefits and obligations.

Find out more about reportable fringe benefits from the Australian Taxation Office.


In preparing the information contained in this site, the University has taken care to provide relevant information in respect of salary packaging to help staff understand how the arrangement impacts on individual circumstances. It is not the intention to provide every possible detail. The University disclaims all and any responsibility or liability in respect of information detailed or omitted (or the consequences thereof) from this site.

Financial advice

The University strongly suggests that any employee considering participating in a salary packaging arrangement seek independent financial advice.

Salary packaging office

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