Superannuation, or just "super", is compulsory for all people who work and reside in Australia. Your employer is required to make contributions on your behalf to your chosen super fund. Your super investment is then used to provide an income stream when you retire.

You can find out more about superannuation in Australia here.

Stapling - For new staff starting from 1 November 2021

If you commence work for UQ from 1 November 2021 you can choose your stapled fund or you can choose to have your super paid to our default superannuation fund, UniSuper

 A stapled super fund is an existing super account in your name which the ATO has identified so that it follows you when you change jobs. You can find out more about the rules requiring stapling here.

To enable the University of Queensland to contribute your superannuation to your preferred fund you will need to complete the Superannuation Fund form online.

Please complete your Superannuation Fund form.

UQ's Superannuation Provider: UniSuper

UniSuper Ltd is The University of Queensland’s default superannuation provider. For more information on UniSuper superannuation, please read the UniSuper Accumulation 1 Product Disclosure Statement.

UniSuper has On-Campus Super Consultants and Advisors who can assist you to understand your options as well as provide general and personal financial advice.  Throughout the year, UniSuper also run on-campus seminars and on-demand webcasts. You can make an appointment with a  UniSuper On-Campus Super Consultant here.

Salary Packaging

You can arrange your own voluntary personal superannuation contributions through payroll deductions, including pre-tax salary sacrifice options.  To authorise personal voluntary contributions, download and complete the superannuation contributions authority form and send completed forms to for processing.

You can find out more about salary packaging at the University of Queensland here.