A fringe benefit is any benefit provided to staff (and their associates), as part of their employment.

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a tax payable by UQ on certain benefits provided to staff and their associates in a form other than wages or salaries. For most fringe benefits, FBT is calculated as being 89% or 108% of the original cost (GST exclusive).

For more information, read the:


The FBT year is from 1 April to 31 March. UQ pays instalments quarterly by lodging Business Activity Statements (BAS). Annual adjustments are lodged in May each year.

All FBT-able expenses must be processed in the general ledger by the last working day of March each year.

Types of fringe benefits

Motor vehicle

A car fringe benefit is a car owned by UQ or leased by the employee via a salary packaging provider, that is made available for the private use of an employee.

Car parking at UQ is exempt from FBT as UQ is a public educational institution.

Read the UQ Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) guide (PDF, 641.5 KB) for:

  • rules and conditions
  • a list of motor vehicles that are classified as 'cars' for FBT purposes.

Expense payments

An expense payment fringe benefit may arise when:

Read the UQ Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) guide (PDF, 641.5 KB) for more information and examples of expenses that may be an expense payment fringe benefit.


Travel may or may not attract FBT depending on the circumstances. You are responsible for ensuring your travel does not result in an FBT liability. Read the UQ dual purpose travel guide to understand how this will affect you.

Before planning any work travel read:

Entertainment and hospitality

Events, food and drink, and other hospitality expenses provided to staff fall under the tax exempt body entertainment fringe benefit.

Read the UQ Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) guide (PDF, 641.5 KB) for more information.

The UQ hospitality calculator (XLSX, 1 MB) is the university's primary record for FBT purposes. Complete the UQ hospitality questionnaire to determine if a hospitality calculator is required to accompany a transaction, where hospitality is provided, regardless of its FBT eligibility.

Read Hospitality for the:

  • policy
  • procedures
  • guidelines.

Relocation expense reimbursement

When selecting relocation expenses to be reimbursed, only expenses that are exempt from FBT will be financially beneficial to you. These may include:

  • removal and storage of household and personal effects
  • settling-in expenses
  • immigration
  • medical
  • familiarisation visits
  • relocation consultants.

For more information, read the:

If you incur costs travelling for relocation you must complete a relocation transport declaration form (DOCX, 31.4 KB). If you receive temporary accommodation as part of your relocation, you must meet certain conditions and complete a temporary accommodation relocation declaration form (DOCX, 32.1 KB) ("DECTAR").

Other benefits

Staff benefits like UniFit or UQConnect receive concessional FBT treatment. Any fringe benefit which does not fall into a specific category may be a residual fringe benefit.

Finance staff

See information about FBT for finance staff, including:

  • UniFi processes
  • expense accounts
  • manually correcting errors.

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