You should use a UQ Corporate Credit Card or submit a UniFi requisition to make work-related purchases. If you are unable to access these methods of payment, you may be reimbursed for authorised expenses.

You can submit an Expense Claim via the Expense Management System ProMaster.

Travel allowance

Find out more about the travel allowance (per diem) at UQ Travel.

Expense Management System

If you're a UQ staff member, you can make expense claims using the Expense Management System (EMS) ProMaster and its mobile app, ExpenseMe. You can upload receipts and lodge expense claims using the app, email ( and desktop application.

You can:

If you are a student, visitor or volunteer, find out how non-staff can make an expense claim using the Expense Claims Procedures and Forms [9.10.05].

Hospitality claims

If your claim includes hospitality, such as food or beverages for business lunches, awards nights and field trips, you can lodge a claim through EMS ProMaster.

There is training available about how to handle a hospitality transaction. You should also follow the Hospitality Policy, Procedures, Guidelines and Forms [9.20.15] to determine how to handle hospitality-related expenses.

Foreign exchange reimbursement

All foreign exchange reimbursement claims must be typed and submitted to Accounts Payable on the applicable claim form without error, omission or correction. The procedure to lodge reimbursement claims can be found in Expense Claims Procedures and Forms [9.10.05].

Proof of exchange rate

A printout of the conversion calculator showing the exchange rate used is also required for a foreign exchange reimbursement. There are many online conversion tools available and you can use whichever calculator suits your needs (for example, Travelex currency converter), or you can provide a screenshot of your bank statement with the conversion rate.

All conversions should be made in the claimant’s nominated payment currency. For example, a visitor from the UK travels to Australia and then New Zealand on University business. The claim contains receipts from both countries and the claimant’s nominated currency is Great British Pounds (GBP). The summary of receipts would be submitted with all expenses converted to GBP and the amount claimed would be supported by at least 2 conversion calculators (1 for each currency).

Other payment reimbursements

Other forms of payment made in the course of your employment may require reimbursement from UQ. Follow the relevant procedure or fill out the provided form to lodge a reimbursement claim: