A range of IT products can be purchased using UQeMarket. For quotes or advice about custom solutions, submit an IT request or contact your local IT support team.

If you have any issues with or feedback about a supplier of IT products, submit an IT request with details.

UQeMarket purchases

We are in the process of moving all IT commodity purchases into UQeMarket. You can currently use UQeMarket to purchase a range of audiovisual (AV) equipment, computers and tablets, printers, mobile phones and some software.

  1. Look through the available product options on the IT purchasing pages.
  2. Choose the product you wish to buy, and note its 'keyword'. For example, the Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower has the keyword 'UQ Performance Desktop'.
  3. Follow the instructions to access UQeMarket through UniFi to begin your purchase.
  4. Enter the keyword/s for your product in the search bar.
  5. Select the product from the search results and add it to your basket.
  6. Review the product and select any additional items you need from the 'Related products' tab. These may include necessary accessories like monitors, docking stations or adaptors, or peripherals like keyboards and mice. Add these to your basket.
  7. Go to 'View Basket' to review your purchases.
  8. Go to 'Checkout'.
  9. Complete your requisition in UniFi. If you’re purchasing software, follow the instructions below to finalise your requisition.

Software purchases through UQeMarket

If you’re purchasing software, complete the following steps after you check out from UQeMarket to finalise your requisition: 

  1. Add the following details either in the ‘Requisition Comments’ field or as inline comments on each line of the order: 
    • the names of the staff members who will use the software
    • the computer names where the program will be installed
    • the location of the computer (building and room).
  2. Tick ‘Send to Supplier’. This will import the information into the purchase order and the IT Asset Management (ITAM) system.

UniFi Internal Catalogue purchases

Some IT purchases still need to be made through internal catalogues on UniFi, such certain software. You can search the Standard Software Catalogue table to find out if you need to purchase it through UniFi.

Requesting advice or a custom quote

To purchase IT products that aren't listed in UQeMarket or an Internal UniFi Catalogue, or for further information and recommendations, contact your IT support team:

  • organisational units that are ITS clients should submit an IT request
  • other organisational units should contact their local IT support team.

To request a quote for software, see Purchasing or requesting software for more information.

When you submit an IT request, you can:

  • request assistance in purchasing AV systems, desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones, printers, software, networking, servers, data storage or engaging IT contractors
  • request a quote for a modified version of a computer or printer listed in the UQeMarket catalogue, or
  • request a custom quote if you have checked UQeMarket and the specific product you wish to buy isn't listed.

You'll need to have logged in to UQeMarket at least once before submitting your request for a custom quote, to activate your UQeMarket account.

When you submit an IT request, include as much detail as possible from this list:

  • Your name, organisational unit and contact details
  • The product required (either the kind of product - like a projector - or the specific product/model number)
  • The fact that you have purchasing approval from your organisational unit (if this kind of product is available on UQeMarket)
  • What business requirement you're aiming to meet through a custom solution
  • What you need to use this product for
  • Your performance requirements for the product
  • If IT support will be needed for installation and use, and
  • When you'd like to start using the product.

Once you've requested a custom quote

When the IT Service Desk has prepared your quote, they will email it to you. They will also send you instructions on how to complete your purchase through UQeMarket or UniFi Internal Catalogues.

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