Staff who require a mobile phone for work can choose from approved phones, data devices, and voice or data plans.

You need to buy your device and plan separately. Purchases must be approved by an appropriate financial delegate.

Buying a plan

UQ's mobile plan provider is Telstra. They offer:

Either you or a financial delegate can request a UQ Mobiles service (staff login required) if you require a new plan.

Change, transfer or cancel an existing plan

Either you or a financial delegate can request a UQ Mobiles service (staff login required) if you would like to:

  • change or cancel an existing plan
  • transfer your service out of UQ
  • order a replacement SIM card
  • update the name assigned to a phone service
  • change the chart string of a phone service for charges.

Buying a mobile phone or data device 

You can use UQeMarket to buy devices and accessories from our approved suppliers, including: 

  • mobile phones and data devices (such as wifi dongles and hotspot devices)
  • accessories (such as phone cases and chargers)
  • bundled packs that include cases, screen protectors and extra chargers.

We work with these approved suppliers to provide reputable products and competitive prices for UQ. To ensure you find products from these suppliers, follow the instructions below for searching UQeMarket.

If none of the mobile devices in UQeMarket meet your business needs, you can request a custom quote. See the IT purchasing procedures for more information on requesting custom quotes or advice.

How to buy through UQeMarket

To buy new devices or accessories, follow the instructions for UQeMarket purchases.

To search for products from approved suppliers in UQeMarket, enter 'UQ' followed by the product name.

For example, to see all available:

  • iPhones and related accessories, enter UQ apple
  • Samsung Galaxy phones and related accessories, enter UQ samsung
  • Google Pixel phones and related accessories, enter UQ google
  • Data devices, enter UQ data
  • Satellite phones, enter UQ satellite
  • Products launched by the manufacturer pending release to the general public, enter PREORDER.

You can then refine the search by product type using the 'Category' filter.


The standard warranties for mobiles devices are:

  • Apple: 2 years (AppleCare+ is also available to purchase)
  • Samsung: 2 years
  • Google: 2 years for handsets and 1 year for accessories
  • Approved data devices: 2 years.


If your UQ mobile needs repairs, the process depends on which type of phone you have.

Apple phone repairs

For Apple phone repairs, take your phone to:

  • The School Locker bookshop at the St Lucia campus, or
  • an Apple store.

Android phone repairs

For Android phone repairs, you need to:

  1. Submit an IT request to get proof of purchase.
  2. Take your phone to a Telstra shop.

Billing and reporting

You can request a UQ Mobiles service (staff login required) for any UQ mobile billing enquiries.

Finance staff who have access can sign into the Call Accounting and Billing (CAAB) web portal (staff login required) to view billing data for Telstra mobile services. For instructions, see the UQ CAAB Portal User Guide (PDF, 725.8 KB).

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