Before you use your UQ mobile overseas or switch on international roaming, there’s a few things to consider to avoid excessive charges.

Turning on international roaming

International roaming isn't included in most UQ mobile plans, because it is very expensive. Charges apply for making and receiving calls, and for using data.

If you're using the $125 unlimited plan, international roaming is enabled by default and is ready to go. International voice and text services are unlimited, but data usage is capped.

If you're using any other plan, you'll need written approval from your team's financial delegate to switch to the $125 unlimited plan for the duration of your trip and then switch back when you get home. Once you have written approval, request a UQ mobiles service (staff login required) and follow the international roaming request option.

All UQ mobile users should check the list of eligible countries included on the $125 unlimited plan before departing Australia.

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Alternatives to international roaming

There are alternatives to international roaming that you may want to consider. For advice on international roaming and your options when travelling overseas, submit an IT request.

Prepaid SIM cards

If the roaming plan doesn't cover the country you're travelling to, you may want to consider purchasing a local prepaid SIM card at your destination when you arrive. These are available at most overseas airports.

Eduroam and wifi

You can connect to Eduroam at many international universities and institutions. Overseas, you can also find free wifi hotspots in many cafes, restaurants, airports and hotels.

Avoiding excessive charges

International roaming is expensive. If you want to enable roaming on a UQ mobile plan, make sure you check pricing in Telstra's international roaming guide first.

There are some simple ways all users can avoid excess charges while travelling:

  • Turn off push or pull email, software updates and apps that use a lot of data. Refer to your phone's user manual to learn how to do this.
  • Consider purchasing a local prepaid SIM or a prepaid travel SIM.
  • Consider using wifi hotspots and Eduroam. If you use public wifi hotspots, be careful of submitting sensitive personal information.
  • Avoid sending large documents, and minimise your web browsing and video streaming.
  • Regularly track your data usage. Refer to your phone’s user manual to learn how to do this.

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