Before you use your UQ mobile overseas or turn on international roaming, there’s a few things to consider to avoid excessive charges.

International roaming on UQ mobile plans

International roaming isn't included in any UQ mobile plans, because it is very expensive. Charges apply for making and receiving calls, and for using data.

If you require international roaming, you'll need written approval from your team's financial delegate to activate the International Roaming Day pass for the duration of your trip and then switch back when you get home.

Once you have written approval, request a UQ mobiles service (staff login required) and follow the international roaming request option.

All UQ mobile users should check the list of eligible countries included before departing Australia.

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Avoiding excessive charges

International roaming is expensive. If you want to enable roaming on a UQ mobile plan, make sure you check pricing in Telstra's international roaming guide first.

There are some simple ways all users can avoid excess charges while travelling.

  • Turn off push or pull email, software updates and apps that use a lot of data. Refer to your phone's user manual to learn how to do this.
  • Avoid sending large documents, and minimise your web browsing and video streaming.
  • Regularly track your data usage. Refer to your phone’s user manual to learn how to do this.

Troubleshooting international roaming

If your international roaming does not work, try:

  • disabling wifi calling
  • disabling 5G
  • checking your device isn't in aeroplane or flight mode
  • restarting your device
  • checking your settings to make sure data roaming is switched on (you can switch this off when you want to connect to wifi)
  • checking the band selection or network mode setting on your mobile phone. Make sure your band selection or network mode is set to ALL, or as many combinations as possible. If this doesn't work, try manually selecting one of the settings (refer to your mobile phone's user guide). When you travel to a different country or return to Australia, make sure to change this setting back to automatic.

Telstra relies on the availability and quality of the compatible overseas mobile network.

If your international roaming is still not functioning:

  • submit an IT request, or
  • contact UQ Mobiles Techwell Enterprise Services Concierge via the ITS Service Desk on +61 7 336 56000 (choose option 1 for mobile related enquiry) or 1300 738 082 (Australia wide)/+61756441491 (from overseas).

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