Every organisational area has staff members who have been delegated authority to incur expenses or approve payments on behalf of UQ. These staff members are called ‘financial delegates’.

A staff member's financial delegation amount limit is based on their position.

If you want to organise an expense or payment on behalf of UQ, you’ll need approval from an appropriate financial delegate.

Read the Financial Delegations Policy [1.10.02] for more information.

Find a delegate or check delegation limits

Use the delegations of authority register to:

  • find delegation authorities and limits based on position title or category of approval
  • check your financial delegation limits
  • search for someone else’s delegation limits.

Use the UniFi financial delegations list (XLS, 550KB) (staff login required) to:

  • find a financial delegate in your organisational area and their delegation limits.

Apply for financial delegation

If you want to apply to be a financial delegate, follow the Financial Delegations Procedures [1.10.02].