Every organisational area has staff members who have been delegated authority to incur expenses or approve payments on behalf of UQ. These staff members are called ‘financial delegates’.

A staff member's financial delegation amount limit is based on their position.

If you want to organise an expense or payment on behalf of UQ, you’ll need approval from an appropriate financial delegate.

Read the Delegations Policy for more information.

Find a delegate or check delegation limits

Use the Financial delegations in UniFi report (XLS, 800KB) (staff login required) to find a financial delegate in your organisational area and their delegation limits.

Adding financial delegations

Step 1: Talk to your Finance Professional Services team

Talk to your Finance Professional Services team to determine the appropriate financial delegation for your role. Staff will be assigned financial delegations based on the Schedule of Financial Delegations (PDF, 515KB) (staff login required) within the Delegations Policy.

Step 2: Apply for access

Request access on a UniFi user access form in UniTask via my.UQ (staff login required).

Finance Professional Services team members can also request access on behalf of other staff members if necessary.

After you submit the request it will be sent to your Finance Professional Services team, who will review it and forward it on for processing. You'll receive an automated email as each stage of the process is completed. The full process is outlined on the request form.

Acting appointments

  1. A delegation of authority assigned to a position extends to staff formally acting in that position. In such instances, the acting staff member has the equivalent delegation of authority as the person holding the substantive position.
  2. Requests for temporary changes to a financial delegation in UniFi to reflect the acting appointment must be submitted as per Step 2 above.
  3. The access request form must contain start and end dates for the temporary appointment and one of the following must be attached as supporting documentation:
    1. Workday screenshot displaying Position Title
    2. Email from HR confirming acting duties
    3. A letter of variation

Removing financial delegation

  1. Staff members changing positions or organisational units must liaise with their relevant Finance Professional Services team to ensure their current financial delegation is cancelled and a new financial delegation is assigned if required. It is the responsibility of the relevant staff member to ensure their financial delegation is appropriate to their role and organisational unit.
  2. Any staff member leaving the University must have their delegation cancelled.