Within the ICT procurement category, there are a several sub-categories of products and services.

Each sub-category may have specific forms, procedures, guidelines and approved suppliers for purchasing and procurement. The ICT product and service sub-categories are listed below.

For more information on ICT procurement procedures, specifications and resources, see ICT procurement.

ICT products and services

End user devices (desktops, laptops and tablets)

The end user device sub-category includes:

  • end user computing (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • end user computing maintenance and repairs
  • IT consumables and accessories
  • IT disposal services
  • endpoint security software.

Purchasing desktops, laptops and tablets

Purchasing monitors

Disposing IT e-waste


The audiovisual (AV) sub-category includes:

  • AV hardware
  • AV consumables and accessories
  • AV maintenance and repairs
  • cameras
  • augmented reality equipment.

Purchasing audiovisual equipment and systems

Mobile phones

The mobile phones sub-category includes:

  • mobile phones
  • mobile phone plans.

UQ mobile phones and plans


The printer sub-category includes:

  • multifunction device (MFD) printers
  • desktop printers
  • 3D printers and consumables
  • printer maintenance and servicing
  • printer consumables.

Purchasing printers and multifunction devices

Software licences

The software licence sub-category includes:

  • end user software licensing
  • end user Software as a Service (SaaS) licences
  • enterprise licences/SaaS arrangements.

View UQ’s software catalogue for a full list of available software (including instructions for purchasing and installation). You must review the software catalogue before requesting a quote for additional software products, even if the product has no cost.

Software solutions

The software solutions sub-category includes:

  • engagement applications and maintenance
  • development tools and analytics applications
  • application and web design / development / testing services
  • web hosting
  • domain name registration

If you require new software solutions, follow the steps on our Projects with IT requirements page. You should also check UQ’s software catalogue to see if existing software meets your requirements.

Please read our information on web publishing for guidance on requesting websites or website updates, and engaging external web developers.

Technology infrastructure

The technology infrastructure sub-category includes:

  • network infrastructure and hardware
  • cabling and network consumables
  • cabling services
  • carriage/Internet services
  • phone system infrastructure
  • web based phone and conferencing services
  • data centre premises
  • server/storage/infrastructure/ hardware
  • server/storage/infrastructure software and maintenance
  • research computing infrastructure
  • infrastructure maintenance and repair
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • hosting
  • security management tools
  • cyber security software and services
  • digital certificate services
  • Internet of things (IoT) devices
  • data services.

If you require technology infrastructure, follow the steps on our Projects with IT requirements page. For low-value items such as cables, you can contact submit an IT request (or your local IT Manager) for advice.

Enterprise applications

The enterprise applications sub-category includes:

  • enterprise business applications
  • enterprise teaching and learning applications
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • enterprise applications support.

If you require new enterprise applications, follow the steps on our Projects with IT requirements page. You should also check UQ’s software catalogue to see if existing software meets your requirements.

IT consultants and contingent labour

If you require an IT consultant or contractor, follow the steps on our Projects with IT requirements page.

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Purchasing through UQeMarket

You can purchase a range of ICT products using UQeMarket, including audiovisual (AV) equipment, computers and tablets, printers, mobile phones and selected software.

If you have any feedback or issues with a supplier of ICT products, submit an IT request.

How to purchase products through UQeMarket

  1. Look through the ICT products available on UQeMarket (listed above). View the web page for the product you wish to purchase.
  2. Choose the product you wish to buy, and note its keyword. For example, the Dell Optiplex 7060 Mini Tower has the keyword 'UQ Performance Desktop'.
  3. Follow the instructions to access UQeMarket and begin your purchase.
  4. Enter the keyword/s for your product in the search bar.
  5. Select the product from the search results and add it to your basket.
  6. Review the product and select any additional items you need from the 'Related products' tab. These may include necessary accessories like monitors, docking stations or adaptors, or products such as keyboards and mice. Add these to your basket.
  7. Select 'View Basket' to review your purchases.
  8. Go to 'Checkout'.
  9. Complete your requisition in UniFi. If you’re purchasing software, follow the instructions below to finalise your requisition.

Purchasing software using UQeMarket

If you’re purchasing software, complete the following steps after checking out of UQeMarket to finalise your requisition in UniFi.

  1. Add the following details in the ‘Requisition Comments’ field or as comments on each line of the order: 
    • the names of staff who will use the software
    • the computer names where the program will be installed (read how to find your computer name)
    • the location of the computer (building and room).
  2. Tick ‘Send to Supplier’. This ensures that the correct details are recorded in UQ’s software management systems.
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Requesting advice or a custom quote

To purchase ICT products that aren't listed in UQeMarket, or for purchasing information and assistance, submit an IT request.

Requesting a custom quote

To request a quote for software, visit our Purchasing or requesting software page. To request a custom quote for a desktop or laptop, request a non standard computer purchase (staff login required).

For all other ICT products, submit an IT request, providing as much of the following information as possible:

  • your name, organisational unit and contact details
  • the product required (either the type of product, or the specific product/model number)
  • confirmation that you have purchasing approval from your organisational unit
  • any performance requirements
  • when you require the product/s
  • whether IT support is required for installation and use
  • business requirement: Why is a custom product necessary and what will it be used for?

IT support will then provide instructions on how to complete your purchase through UQeMarket or UniFi.

If you’ve never used UQeMarket, you must log in first before requesting a quote from IT support. This activates your account and allows us to process your quote. Read accessing UQeMarket for details on how to log in.

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