The Central Cashier in the JD Story Building is permanently closed. 

Students, staff and other customers can pay UQ via:

All customers should pay using one of the payment methods listed on the invoice or in UQ Pay. 

Cheque deposits

UQ is becoming a cashless campus, so cheques are no longer a preferred method of payment. If you receive a cheque from a customer, advise them that next time they should use the payment methods listed on the invoice or in UQ Pay.

To support UQ staff and our customers, Cash Allocations will process ad hoc cheque payments. 

For cheques to be processed, you must make sure that:

  • the cheque is made out to 'The University of Queensland'. If it is made out to another person or entity, they must endorse the back of the check by writing 'To The University of Queensland' and signing it

  • any foreign-issued cheques have more than 30 days left until they expire. Foreign cheques, including those issued in Australian dollars (AUD), can take up to 21 days to be processed by the bank.

When you submit a cheque for processing, you must include:

  • a copy of the invoice for allocation
  • your contact name and phone number.

Send the cheque and all required information through internal mail to: FBS Cash Allocations, Level 3, JD Story Building (Building 61).


Do not accept cash as it is a security risk and will be reported to the Internal Investigations Unit.