UQ Pay is the preferred online payment solution.

Your payment set-up request must  include:

  • type of functionality and information required
  • a valid chartstring (check the combination rules)
  • natural account
  • GST information on items or services (read the GST guides for more detail).

All items and services must have a set price. Requests for open value fields (where a customer can enter any dollar value) requires special approval from Cash Allocations and will only be given in particular circumstances.

Check out our UQ Pay website to see live online payment options for ideas.

Minimum requirements

Due to the resources and cost of setting up online payments, there is a minimum number of expected payments before we consider setting this up:

  • Event or Transaction: minimum volume of 25 payments
  • Integrated payments: determined during assessment.

Types of payment solutions

This is the current list of available online payment solutions. This may change as we increase the product offering.


An ‘event’ is used to collect money in advance of delivering goods and services that are time bound, meaning there is a start and end date. It’s appropriate for selling tickets, services or amenities. This could include:

  • conferences and symposiums
  • tours and field trips
  • fundraising occasions
  • training, workshops and short courses
  • registrations and bookings

This request takes 5 to 7 working days to set up.

Request an event payment set-up


The ‘transaction’ option is used for ongoing payment services, and can contain validations to assist with allocating payment. This can include:

  • library payments
  • student services
  • paying fines and charges.

Contact Cash Allocations to request a transaction payment setup. This request takes 5 to 7 working days to set up.

Integrated payment solution

An integrated payment solution is an option to integrate a payment platform into your existing online website or software. Integration is not always possible or cost-effective. You must speak with Cash Allocations prior to purchasing or building any websites or software to determine what payment solutions are possible.

The time it takes to set up depends on the on the integration requirements.

Contact Cash Allocations to request this payment option.


We are currently looking into an ‘e-Store’ to allow business units to set up a list of merchandise for sale to the public, such as branded t-shirts, water bottles, or books.

If this is something you are interested in, email Cash Allocations for more information.