UQ Pay is the preferred payment solution for collecting and allocating all incoming payments. It offers a range of online payment options, customisable templates and scheduled reports to help you track customer information and payments.

We will work with you to help build the best possible payment solution and offer our expertise to help make collecting money easier for your business.

How it works

An online custom template is created for customers to pay via MasterCard or Visa. A ‘pay later’ option can be enabled to automatically generate a pro forma invoice so the customer can pay by BPAY.

Your area can choose to receive the individual tax receipt and/or a scheduled report to keep track of payments.

UQ Pay offers key benefits to your area:

  • improves customer experience
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • allocates payments daily into UniFi and SI-net
  • provides detailed reporting options
  • reduces administration costs
  • integrates with existing systems for data validation.

No cost to set up and maintain

This service is provided free of charge to UQ units, including the set-up and ongoing maintenance.

Not a complex booking system

UQ Pay is not a complex booking system, meaning you cannot create:

  • booking options that allows customers to select a designated seat or table
  • booking systems linked to a calendar to book out slots of time (e.g. room bookings).

If you need this, contact Cash Allocations to find out about alternative booking options.

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Invoicing and terms

Payment up-front through UQ Pay is the preferred option; however, where credit terms are offered, an invoice must be raised. Therefore, UQ Pay is to be used only to receive payment in advance and has set trading terms of cash before delivery (CBD). No tax invoices are to be issued until the payment has been received.

Your business unit is responsible for ensuring that your customers pay in advance through UQ Pay.

Enabling pro forma invoices (pay later option)

A pro forma invoice is not a normal invoice, as it is not a demand or request for payment. It is an offer in advance of the delivery of goods or services that allows your customer to pay later using BPAY.

We recommend enabling the pro forma invoice payment option when selling to the public, as this payment option is cost-effective for UQ.

While the terms are non-negotiable, your business unit can decide how long the invoice is valid for, for example a certain number of days, or until a set date.

Expiry or due dates

Think of a pro forma invoice as a quote to entice the customer to purchase the goods or services, and that offer has an expiry date (due date). The supply of goods or services is not guaranteed if payment is received after the due date.

Pro forma invoices cannot be reissued

If the pro forma invoice expires before payment is received, the customer can choose to either:

  • re-register online
  • contact the business unit to request an extension.

This helps your area to improve decisions and internal controls relating to late payments.

If the customer hasn’t paid

You can call and request payment from the customer, but there is no requirement or legal obligation for them to pay.

Ensure payment has been received before you provide the goods or service, as you will be responsible for any loss of income.

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