Every UQ staff member has an account that provides access to a range of online resources. Accounts are supplied and managed by Information Technology Services.

Staff accounts

UQ staff accounts are created once a new staff member has been entered into Aurion. Your staff account includes:

  • a UQ username and password
  • 50GB of monthly data
  • a UQ email account
  • 1TB OneDrive storage (staff on payroll only)
  • on and off-campus access to UQ’s VPN (virtual private network).

If you don’t have a staff account, check with your supervisor or HR officer to make sure your details have been entered into Aurion.

Associate accounts

Associate accounts are for temporary staff whose details aren't entered into Aurion, such as:

  • contractors
  • visiting academics
  • some interns and trainees.

Each associate account includes:

  • 50GB of monthly data
  • a UQ email account
  • on and off-campus access to UQ’s VPN.

To apply for an associate account, or request any changes to an existing associate account, have your UQ department liaison submit a Staff Associate account request (staff login required).
The form must be signed by a relevant department manager or authorised delegate.

Translational Research Institute accounts

UQ staff associated with the Translational Research Institute (TRI) are given a TRI account during the TRI induction process.

TRI usernames start with a 't', followed by the first initial of your given name and the first six letters of your last name (e.g. tjbloggs).

Multiple UQ accounts

Some staff have several relationships with UQ (for example, they were a student and are now a staff member) and may have multiple user accounts. UQ is introducing a single UQ identity to link together all the user accounts that belong to an individual.

This single UQ identity won't affect how you access any services at UQ — you'll still use your usual username and password to log in. 

Passwords and account security

All staff, including associates, have to change their UQ account password at least once every 12 months.

Regularly changing your password helps keep UQ systems, your work and your identity safe.

When you choose a new password, make sure you follow the password guidelines to ensure your password and account are as safe as possible.

Some staff are also required to use multi-factor authentication when they log in to certain UQ websites and systems.

Extra disk space

Your department will need to approve and pay for any additional disk space needed for your staff or associate account.

Staff members under 18

If you are under 18 years of age, submit an IT request to set up your staff or associate account.

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