Trans and gender diverse experiences

'Talking about: trans and gender diverse experiences' is an ongoing initiative of the UQ Ally Action Committee to provide space and awareness on the specific challenges and experiences of trans and gender diverse people.

It is well documented that trans and gender diverse people face a unique set of challenges, including (but not limited to) lower mental health outcomes, and higher instances of discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Yet these disparities persist.

Through this series, we hope to provide a forum for sharing research on issues facing trans and gender diverse people, to help UQ staff and students better support LGBTQIA+ inclusion and to ensure UQ is a place where we are all free to be our authentic selves.

Talking about: trans and gender diverse experiences

Dr Magalí Pérez Riedel

Dr Magalí Pérez Riedel is a researcher in social communication. This webinar is based on Magali's doctoral dissertation, where she focused on religious-based discrimination (among other things) against LGBTQ people in online spaces in Argentina. The second part of her presentation explores the educational experiences of trans people who are completing their secondary studies.

Dr Karin Selberg 

Dr. Karin Selberg is an academic in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry and is also a part of the UQ Ally Action Committee. Dr Selberg predominantly focuses on trans and queer theory, trans history, and the medicalisation of transpeople in Western society. This is an informal conversation with her father, Marianne Berg, about what life was like as a trans woman in Sweden during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Karin's father is politically active in the swedish trans movemement and was also actively engaged in the Foundation for Full Personality Expression – Sweden (FPE-S).