You can choose from 3 different options when recording your gender in Workday:

  • Male or Man
  • Female or Woman
  • Other
You can choose to use the gender neutral salutation Mx, or use Mr, Ms, or professional titles like Dr or Prof. Please note that there is an additional non-mandatory question in Workday that will allow you to provide further clarification around your gender identity if you wish. 

We use the Australian Government guidelines for the recognition of sex and gender.

UQ is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. It is unacceptable for someone to be treated less favourably due to their gender identity, and any behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated.

Record and update your gender information

Because UQ is required by legislation to report on staff gender, gender is a mandatory field that must be completed on a staff record. If you prefer to not disclose your gender, you can choose 'Other' to indicate ‘unspecified’.

You have the right to amend your personal information to ensure that the information is up to date, accurate and complete, in accordance with the:

New staff

Prospective staff completing an application through UQ Jobs select their gender and preferred salutation during the application process.

New staff members complete the online induction, which collects personal information including gender.

Current staff

You can update your personal details at any time, and multiple times if you need to.

No evidence is required for someone to change their gender, or to change their salutation to Mx, as gender is the person’s gender identity and therefore cannot be verified.

If you are changing from a binary gender option to a non-binary option to align with your identity, and you choose to disclose this to others, then people may ask you questions, such as your preferred name and pronouns. You should discuss this with your supervisor so that they can support you appropriately. Workplace Diversity and Inclusion is also available to provide information and support.

Privacy and reporting

UQ collects gender information for a variety of purposes, including internal and mandatory external reporting to comply with legislative and other reporting requirements of the University. Your gender is recorded in your personal details in Aurion and can be accessed by:

  • your supervisor
  • HR staff
  • people with access to the UQ Reportal.

Gender is considered personal information. It should be treated with confidentiality and sensitivity, and not shared without the person’s permission. Generally it is not important for other people at UQ to know someone’s gender.

Gender information included in reports is generally not attached to identifiable information. However, due to the smaller number of staff who select "other", people may be somewhat identifiable. This data is typically included in reports only when required, and all effort is made to prevent any possible identification of individual staff in these reports.