Procurement includes all end-to-end activities and processes to acquire goods and services.

Coronavirus advice

UQ imports goods from a number of regions affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus). Currently, the World Health Organization advises there is low risk of commercial goods being contaminated by an infected person, or of catching the virus from goods that have been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature.

You don't need personal protective equipment (PPE) when unpacking containers. This includes gloves, gowns, eye protection or face shields. Make sure you practise good cough etiquette and hand hygiene.

Business units should review their supply chains and any reliance on imports from affected regions. Before you engage with a new supplier, be careful. Fraudulent suppliers have taken advantage of the current supply chain uncertainty.

Published 16 April 2020 at 5.20pm (AEST)

Hygiene supplies

Enterprise Procurement has established an approved supply arrangement for the supply of hand sanitisers, chlorhexidine handwash, alochol wipes, and PPE items (masks, gloves and coverings).

The products on this arrangement have been evaluated to ensure that they meet minimum specifications, and Enterprise Procurement has negotiated with the suppliers to assure steady supply and competitive pricing.

Approved supply arrangement and buyer's guide for hygiene supplies (UQ login required)

Published 18 November 2020 at 4.35pm (AEST)

Face masks and personal protection equipment (PPE)

Enterprise Procurement and HSW teams are working to ensure there is a steady supply of appropriate quality face masks and PPE. The equipment can be purchased through UQeMarket, and the purchase should be supported by a relevant safety risk assessment.

Face masks and PPE are available for University activities where a risk assessment has determined that physical distancing is difficult to maintain. See advice on conducting a risk assessment (PDF, 242 KB).

UQ will not be providing face masks or PPE for general or personal use, including for commuting to and from campus, or circulating while on campus.

If you envisage an ongoing need for this equipment for University activities, please discuss these needs with your HSW Manager to ensure that forecasting of requirements remains accurate.

Published 13 August 2020 at 12.45pm (AEST)

Purchase and delivery while working remotely

There are no changes to the University’s processes for sourcing and purchasing goods and services while many of us are working remotely. While we expect that purchasing activity will decrease in the current environment, you should continue to follow best practice purchasing processes of ordering via UQeMarket, wherever possible, or via UniFi Requisition.

Please follow the below instructions for specific categories:

Purchasing IT equipment

You should not purchase new IT equipment to duplicate staff office equipment. In many circumstances staff are now permitted to take general IT equipment home — check with your supervisor about local arrangements.

Further information for staff and researchers is available on the Staff and researchers – COVID-19 advice page.

Purchasing stationery

If your local business unit still allows access, you may pick up required stationery supplies from your office. Check with your supervisor about local arrangements.

If you require additional supplies during shutdown, you should purchase any items you need from local suppliers and claim via normal income tax processes.

Using corporate credit cards

If you're a corporate credit card holder, remember to check the Corporate Credit Cards Procedures [9.10.09].

In particular, remember that any expenditure using a UQ corporate credit card must be:

  • for official UQ purposes —& any use for personal or private purposes is strictly prohibited. All breaches are subject to review and potential disciplinary action
  • appropriate and justifiable
  • properly documented
  • available for scrutiny
  • authorised by an appropriate staff member.

You should also refer to the list of prohibited purchases in section 3.3 of the Corporate Credit Cards Procedures [9.10.09].

Delivery arrangements

  • These arrangements may change are subject to change. You should monitor general communications for updates.
  • You should consider whether perishable goods require different arrangements.
  • Reconsider your need to order items with an extended or unclear lead time for delivery.
  • All alternative delivery arrangements require prior approval. You can request alternative arrangements by emailing the Associate Director, Enterprise Procurement at with relevant details.

Deliveries to the St Lucia and Gatton campuses are being redirected to local operating docks. These redirections help reduce the amount of traffic moving around the campuses each day.

Deliveries are being made to the following loading docks:

Campus Dock Business unit
  CAI Building CAI
  Chemistry Dock SCMB
  Don Nicklin Delivery Store EAIT
  Goddard Dock Science Faculty (except SCMB – see Chemistry Dock)
  Macgregor Dock SBMS, CIPDD, UQBR
  QBI Dock QBI
  P&F Warehouse All other units
Gatton Jack Jones Dock All units
Other UQ Sites As per local arrangements.

You should contact your local dock for information about individual deliveries.

Purchase Orders

You should place any orders using UQeMarket where possible. You can continue to use your regular UniFi ship-to code as address details have been updated to direct deliveries to the appropriate dock.

Corporate Cards

If you are using a UQ corporate card to order, your order should be delivered to:

  • your usual loading dock, or
  • the UQ P&F Warehouse loading dock (UQ Warehouse Bld 99, Walcott Street, St Lucia QLD 4072).

About Procurement

Procurement involves:

  • planning: identifying the need, the market and the risks to determine the most effective procurement method
  • sourcing: engaging with suppliers to obtain quotes, evaluate their offers, negotiate and take delivery of goods or services
  • managing: monitoring supplier’s performance, ensuring goods or services are being delivered, reviewing contracts, disposal.

As a statutory body, UQ is subject to the Queensland Government Procurement Policy and public scrutiny.

UQ's Procurement objectives are:  

  • enabling UQ’s strategic outcomes
  • achieving value for money
  • ensuring responsible purchasing 
  • engaging with reliable and reputable suppliers
  • maintaining integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability. 

All staff are expected to ensure these principles are applied to all purchases regardless of value.

Enterprise Procurement team

Our objectives are to:

  • guide and assist you in obtaining best value for money throughout your acquisition of goods and services
  • ensure that you and the University are not exposed to undue personal or commercial risk.

We can help with:

  • reviewing procurement plans
  • compiling tender documentation
  • drafting contractual agreements
  • managing communications with offerors
  • assist with contract management
  • advice: strategic and operational
  • QTenders submissions
  • supplier on-boarding
  • UniFi purchase order maintenance.