The Vice-Chancellor’s Committee approved a new Procurement Policy [9.40.01] in February 2018. The policy brings a risk-based approach to the management of procurement at UQ, and gives us the opportunity to significantly rationalise the processes around procurement.

This will:

  • reduce time and effort spent on making routine procurement decisions
  • ensure that there is clear accountability and defensibility for more significant decisions.

New procedures, templates and forms

The Enterprise Procurement team have developed an initial suite of procedures, templates, forms and information sheets to support the implementation of the UQ Procurement Policy.

We are currently reviewing feedback that was received during the consultation period conducted in late 2018. We envisage that any changes implemented from the feedback received will be finalised and released shortly. 

You must use these procedures, templates and forms in all new procurement activities. You may have already used earlier versions of these documents. You should now use only the versions available on this page. 

The focus is on empowering UQ purchasers and decision-makers to be assured of compliance with Queensland Government policy as it applies to UQ, including the probity and integrity of procurement decisions.

Contact Enterprise Procurement if you have any questions.


To support the implementation of the UQ Procurement Policy [9.40.01] there are two supporting procedures available for your consideration and feedback. 

These documents are secure - UQ login required.

Processes and information sheets

There have been significant changes to the amount of work required to reach procurement decisions at lower levels of spend. 

The applicable procurement process differs depending on value and risk of the acquisition. We've developed information sheets that detail the process, requirements and considerations for each threshold range.

These documents are secure - UQ login required.

Under $5000

Minimum requirements include:

  • order via UQeMarket, or a known and trusted supplier of your choice
  • no formal documentation required.

UQeMarket information sheet (PDF, 241.1 KB)

$5001 to $50,000

Minimum requirements include:

$5001 to $50,000 information sheet (PDF, 148.8 KB)

$50,001 to $200,000

Minimum requirements include:

$50,001 to $200,000 information sheet (PDF, 149.8 KB)

Over $200,001

We are currently developing an information sheet for this value.

In the first instance, complete a draft Procurement Plan (DOC, 96KB) and send it to for review and feedback.

Minimum requirements include:

Forms and templates

We have developed new forms and templates to support the implementation of the Procurement Policy [9.40.01]. We are also currently revising existing forms and templates which are listed below. And we have listed new templates that are yet to be developed but are in the pipeline. 

New forms and templates

These documents are secure - UQ login required.

Resource Purpose When required
Procurement Brief (DOCX, 47.7 KB) Allows you to document the reasons and process providing accountability and transparency of decision making. For activities between $5000 to $200,000. 
Procurement Plan (DOCX, 95.9 KB) To record your needs and market analysis, procurement strategy, risk assessment and other considerations.    For activities over $200,000. 
Business Case to Engage Consultant or Contingent Labour (DOCX, 49.9 KB)


To record your need and market analysis for engaging a consultant or contingent labour hire. It is designed to assist in assuring compliance with the relevant legislation.

For engagement of Contingent Labour for Professional Services and Consultants only regardless of value. 
Procurement Process Exemption (DOCX, 40.8 KB) Application to be used in situations where the procurement decision maker has justification, due to extenuating circumstances, for using an alternate procurement process. Applicants should send the process exemption to to obtain a determination on the application. Any process exemption from minimum requirements. 

Request For Quote - Section 1-5 (DOCX, 51.9 KB)

Request for Quote - Response Form (DOCX, 20.7 KB)

Invitation for suppliers to provide quotes. Please refer to the RFQ Information Sheet.  For activities between $50,001 to $200,000. 

Declaration of Conflict of Interest (DOCX, 36.9 KB)

Conflict of Interest Register and Management Strategy (XLSX, 20.9 KB)

The Evaluation Panel Declaration form is to be completed by all members of a tender evaluation team prior to commencing an evaluation of offers submitted by suppliers in response to a UQ invitation. 

The Conflict of Interest Register and Management Strategy is to be used to record declarations received and management strategy if a conflict has been identified. 

For activities over $200,000. 
Tender Evaluation Plan (DOCX, 30.6 KB) To be completed prior to receiving the offers of a tender and conducting an evaluation process. For activities over $200,000. 
Simple Evaluation Record (DOCX, 35.9 KB) To record the outcome of an evaluation. Recommended for activities between $50,000 to $200,000.

Existing forms and templates under review

We are working progressively to improve existing forms and templates.

You can still provide feedback on these documents and it will be taken into consideration upon review.

Resource Description
Checklist: Employee versus Contractor (XLSX, 100KB) (staff login required) Completion of this mandatory pre-engagement checklist will ensure UQ is correctly engaging with its workers as contractors or employees. The checklist also identifies any superannuation or payroll tax obligations that UQ will have with a genuine contractor/consultant engagement.
Collaborative Evaluation Matrix (XLSX, 17.2 KB) This spreadsheet matrix is a tool that can be used to quantify, qualify and record panel member's scores when undertaking an offer evaluation process.

Conditions of Contract (PDF, 149.5 KB)

Conditions of Offer (PDF, 112 KB)

The Conditions of Contract and Conditions of Offer are to apply to the purchase of goods and services by the University of Queensland. Please be advised that more complex purchases may need supplementary or amended conditions.  In these situations legal services should be consulted to provide this assistance. Any changes to the Conditions render the agreement Non-Standard, requiring review from Legal Services and additional levels of Contract and Financial Delegation.
Contract Management Plan (DOCX, 47.7 KB) This contract management plan can be used to determine the best way to manage contracts that have been awarded by UQ.
Contract Performance Report (DOCX, 53.9 KB) This report can be used to evaluate a supplier's performance over the life of the contract UQ has with them.
Importing Goods Application (DOCX, 33.1 KB) Complete when importing goods to the University of Queensland.
Letter of Acceptance (DOC, 69 KB) This is an example letter only, that can be issued to a successful supplier informing them of their successful bid. This letter also instructs the Successful Offeror in relation to signing and the administration of the contracts documents.
Request Setup of New Ship To Location (PDF, 184.4 KB) Complete this form to add a new location point or a new delivery point in UniFi
Request to Add or Amend a Foreign Supplier (PDF, 186.1 KB) Complete this form to add or amend a Foreign Supplier in UniFi.
Request to Add or Amend an Australian Supplier (PDF, 166.8 KB) Complete this form to add or amend a Domestic Supplier in UniFi.
Unsuccessful Supplier Letter (DOC, 63.5 KB) This is an example letter only, that can be issued to all unsuccessful Offerors that submitted bids or proposals.

New templates to be developed

Resource Purpose
Recommendation Report  To be submitted to the relevant Contract Delegate justifying selection of successful supplier. 
Clarification Letter  This is an example letter that can be issued to clarify aspects of an offer. 
Feedback letter This is an example letter that can be issued to unsuccessful offerors listing strengths and weakness of each supplier's submission.
Procurement Contract Execution Form (PCEF) The PCEF provides direction and guidance to achieve correct and timely contract execution while ensuring compliance to UQ's delegations framework and instruments.
Benefits Management Plan To be used for large procurement activities to ensure UQ are achieving the original intended benefits (e.g. reduced time, saving or effort) of the life of the contract.