The Vice-Chancellor’s Committee approved a new Procurement Policy [9.40.01] in November 2019 as part of a revised UQ Procurement Framework. The framework supports UQ's strategic objectives by enabling business-driven procurement decisions. It enables these by facilitating:

  • compliant and efficient processes
  • a strategic approach to sourcing
  • well-managed commercial relationships.

The Procurement Framework will:

  • reduce time and effort spent on making routine procurement decisions
  • ensure that there is clear accountability and defensibility for more significant decisions.

You can learn more about the UQ Procurement Framework by reading the Procurement Policy [9.40.01].

Procedures, templates and forms

Other elements of the UQ Procurement Framework have been updated to align with the new policy, including:

  • the Procurement Procedure
  • the Probity and Integrity in Procurement Procedure
  • mandatory forms and templates.

To help support the UQ community in making sound and efficient procurement decisions, we continuously review all Procurement forms, templates and guides. Updates are published as they become available.

Make sure you download the current version each time you use a form, template or guide.

Contact Enterprise Procurement if you have any questions or feedback.