OneStopSecure (OSS) is UQ's official system for recording and receipting payments.

Only organisational units that are approved to use OneStopSecure can accept and receipt:

  • in-person payments
  • credit card payments over the phone.

See the Receipting and Banking Procedures [9.35.03] for more information.

Access for your organisational unit

If your organisational unit takes a high volume of in-person payments and has valid reasons for requiring OneStopSecure for point-of-sale transactions, you need to submit a business case to Cash Allocations.

Access for individual staff members

If your organisational unit uses OneStopSecure and you need to arrange new or updated access:

  1. Complete a OneStopSecure access form (XLSX, 27.1 KB) with approval from your supervisor.
  2. Submit the form to Cash Allocations. 

Reporting end-of-day takings

If you use OneStopSecure, report your takings at the end of each day using the POS register take-off sheet.

Follow section 8.2.2 of the Receipting and Banking Procedures [9.35.03].

Changing templates and product codes

If you need to add or change a template or product code in OneStopSecure, email the details to Cash Allocations.