OneStopSecure (OSS) is UQ's official system for recording and receipting payments.

Only organisational units that are approved to use OneStopSecure can accept and receipt:

  • in-person payments
  • credit card payments over the phone.

See the Receipting and Banking Procedures [9.35.03] for more information.

Access for your organisational unit

If your organisational unit takes a high volume of in-person payments and has valid reasons for requiring OneStopSecure for point-of-sale transactions you need to submit a business case to Cash Allocations.  

Information to include in the business case:

  • the business being conducted by the organisational unit
  • the value and volume of payments
  • type of clientele
  • why there is a need for point-of-sale transactions.

Access for individual staff members

If your organisational unit uses OneStopSecure and you need to arrange new or updated access:

  1. complete the OneStopSecure online training.
  2. enrol to access the Training Success Meters (TSMs) (staff login required) and complete the required TSM assessment. You'll need to achieve a score of 90% to pass. 
  3. complete the OneStopSecure access request form (PDF, 216.9 KB) and email it to Cash Allocations. 

Using OneStopSecure

There are a number of things you can do as a user to ensure OneStopSecure runs productively and effectively. These are:

  • shut down your computer each day and restart each morning
  • make sure you log in to the Internet Management System/Single Sign On before logging in to OneStopSecure 
  • run the End of Day process before you run the Session Manager process
  • if you get errors or the system freezes, tick 'Refresh Local Settings' when you log back into OneStopSecure to refresh your computer.

Changing templates and product codes

If you need to add or change a template or product code in OneStopSecure, email the details to Cash Allocations.