This page is about financial management of research projects. See research management for the full research grant life cycle, from finding and applying for funding to reporting on outcomes.

Negotiating financial clauses

If you’re negotiating financial clauses for a contract or grant agreement, follow the guidelines for help negotiating realistic and achievable terms for financial reporting, invoicing of funders, and bank accounts.

Guidelines for negotiating financial clauses (staff login required)

Recording a research project in UniFi

Research grants need to be recorded in UniFi so we can track income and expenditure correctly.

Contract and Grants Accounting will set up a new research project in UniFi after the Office of Sponsored Research issue a grant record letter (GRL) for the project.

If the grant record letter is delayed, you may be able to request a 'pre-GRL project'. Talk to your Finance Professional Services team about whether this is appropriate for your project.

If there are changes to any:

UQ Research and Innovation will issue an updated grant record letter, and Contract and Grants Accounting will make any necessary changes in UniFi.

When a project ends, it's closed in UniFi so no more transactions can be recorded against it.

See section 5 of the Research Grants Procedures [9.30.03] for more detailed procedures.

Scholarship funding

If the grant includes funding for scholarships, follow the Scholarships and Prizes Procedures [9.30.04].

Postgraduate research scholarship income from external grantors is included in our Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) return.

Financial management of research projects

Your organisational unit manages project expenditure. You must make sure:

  • funds are spent in line with approved budgets and grant conditions
  • adjustments are signed off by the chief investigator
  • expenditure is accurate and up-to-date at the end of each reporting period.

Finance and Business Services are responsible for:

See section 6.1 of the Research Grants Procedures [9.30.03] for more information.

Managing your project funds through MyBalance

You can use MyBalance to: 

  • view your grant balance at any time
  • track which expenditure categories are allowed for each grant
  • sort through financial information down to transaction level. 

Find our more about using MyBalance to manage project funds.

Tracking the financial status of your project

You can use the 'Project Details, Research Statements and Invoices' report on the UQ Reportal to see:

  • project details
  • year-to-date project or fund actual balances
  • research grant invoices created and yet to be created by Contract and Grants Accounting
  • financial statements to be completed by Contract and Grants Accounting.

To access the report, log in to the UQ Reportal and go to:

  1. Standard Reports
  2. Finance
  3. Projects
  4. Project Details, Research Statements and Invoices.

Generating invoices before a grant record letter is issued

To generate an invoice before a grant record letter (GRL) is issued, you’ll need to contact Contract and Grants Accounting and supply:

  • Research Master number (Office of Sponsored Research system reference)
  • email or letter from the grantor, or the contract if it’s available
  • name and address of grantor
  • ABN (Australian Business Number) of the company if known
  • amount to be invoiced
  • GST treatment if known
  • project description and chief investigator name
  • operational unit to be credited.

If the grantor doesn’t already have a customer account in our system, it will take at least 3 working days to create the bill.

Revenue from invoices generated before the GRL is issued will be transferred to the project when the GRL is received.


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