Electronic security systems include:

  • access control systems (card readers and electronic doors)
  • intruder alarms (intrusion detection, keypads, duress or hold up points)
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV, cameras)
  • security monitoring in rooms and buildings
  • emergency call points (ECP).

Requesting electronic security

Request an electronic security system installation in your area through your nominated ARCHIBUS user.

Repairing security systems

All security system repair requests should be logged in ARCHIBUS by your nominated ARCHIBUS user.

Alarm system PINs

Alarm System PIN Custodians manage the PINs for alarm systems in their area. To apply for this, you need to:

  1. Complete a PF238 application form (RTF, 1.4MB).
  2. Log a job in ARCHIBUS.
  3. Attach the application to the job.

Applications are approved by the head of your organisational unit.

If you just need PIN access to turn an intruder alarm system on and off for an area, you can request this by contacting your:

If you are not sure who this is, PF Assist can tell you who to contact in your area.