Building security audits are reviews of a building's security issues, usually completed after an incident such as a theft or damage to property.

You can request a security audit for your building through your supervisor or manager, who can then contact the Manager Security.

Security incidents

You should report to Security if your building's security has been compromised or there has been unauthorised activity in the area. Unauthorised activity includes:

  • theft of physical or intellectual property
  • damage to physical or intellectual property
  • verbal or physical assault, abuse or harassment.

Reviewing evidence

If you want information from CCTV or building access reports, you need to request them through UQ's Right to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

Security over holiday breaks

You are responsible for helping keep your area safe. Follow the departmental security checklist in order to keep your building secure over the holiday break periods:

  • lock down auto doors
  • issue after-hours access forms to staff and students as required
  • bank all cash
  • secure laptops and cameras in cabinets
  • log off and turn off all unnecessary office equipment
  • set voicemail and email out-of-office replies
  • check your UPS is working
  • turn off water pumps if not required
  • shut and lock windows and doors to internal offices
  • turn off urns, heaters and timers
  • set security alarm before leaving
  • clean and defrost fridges
  • remove and secure personal valuables from desks
  • update your departmental callouts with Security.


In an emergency, contact Security
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(07) 3365 3333


Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.