6. Donors

Our donors are our philanthropic partners. Eager to help shape the world and leave a legacy, they see us as a way to bring about change that’s important to them. One way to think about them is people who give ‘through’ UQ rather than ‘to’ UQ.

So, who are our donors? They’re largely made up of alumni and staff, as well as individuals from the community. We inspire them with stories of impact, but never downplay the urgency of what still needs to be done.

We’re also keen to show our appreciation – and never miss an opportunity to thank both our donors and researchers for their determination to make the world better.

Quick tips

  • Think about powerful stories we can share about our teaching and research and its impact. This is where we can bring our campaign to life and share details that capture people’s imaginations.
  • We’re aiming for inspirational – avoid straying into sentimental territory. We should come across as pragmatic as our solutions.

Example in action: donors

This copy is taken from the UQ Giving site, and is intended to give donors and potential donors an overview of why the Not if, when campaign is important. The content has been rewritten to focus on donors rather than UQ, and impact rather than the campaign itself.


Existing wording

What is the campaign?

Over our 109-year history, the partnership between donors and UQ has had an extraordinary impact on our community, Queensland, Australia, and the world.

While we have come a long way, there is so much more to do and so much more that requires urgent support. We want to ensure that individuals, families and organisations who share our values and vision choose UQ as their trusted partner to achieve their vision for a better world.

The Not if, when campaign is an ambitious philanthropic effort to achieve this transformational impact. It is the first comprehensive philanthropic campaign in the University’s history and will continue for several years as we collectively strive to achieve our common goal for a better world.

Like you, we will not stand by and ‘hope for the best’. We firmly believe that by proactively taking action, together, our greatest days lie ahead. Not if, when.

After tone of voice editing

Not if. When.

To overcome the most complex problems facing humanity, dedicated research and the ability to efficiently translate discoveries into solutions are essential.

Without support, research with the potential to create change can stall before it has a chance to reach those who need it most.

UQ aims to connect you with our people, who share your passion for vital causes. Your support will give them the ability to adapt at pivotal moments, so they can successfully translate their discoveries into progress and impact.

Many of our greatest innovations have only made the leap from lab to life thanks to the support of generous people like you.

For example, one donor’s generosity at a pivotal moment in Professor Ian Frazer’s research directly contributed to the first-ever cervical cancer vaccine’s creation, which has protected millions of women around the world.   

But we still have so much to do.

By working together to find solutions to these global challenges, we won’t have to ask ‘if’ the future we dream of is possible – only ‘when’.

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